Max Mehl

Max started to get active in FSFE in 2011 when he became member of the translators' team. Within the scope of his Bachelor in Politics and Public Administration in University of Konstanz he was FSFE's Assistant to the President for 6 months starting from October 2013. During this time he worked on FSFE's Timeline and co-organised the campaigns They Don't Want You To, I love Free Software and Document Freedom Day. But his main area was German and EU policy work, especially the Compulsory Routers case where he is still very active in.

Right now, Max is self-employed and after he finished his studies, he went to Tansania from March until July 2015 as a volunteer at TAREO. In his free time he is still working for Free Software and FSFE as translator, webmaster and member of the German team. From time to time he gives an update about his current activities in his blog.


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GnuPG: 0x549E41E2
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