These are the members of the Free Software Foundation Europe association in alphabetical order.

Structural Information

The people listed here are members of the legal body (association) providing the skeleton of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) -- it is important to understand that they are only one part of the Free Software Foundation Europe.

The common understanding of the FSFE will tell you more about what the FSFE really is, the legal structure will tell you more about how that legal skeleton has been set up in detail.

In general terms: although perceiving itself as a truly European organization including, but not being limited to, the European Union (EU), there was no usable legal basis for establishing things legally on this level.

Therefore a modular structure had to be found in which local chapters are attached by constitution, guidelines and members to a central organisation, often referred to as the "Hub," which is the main body of the FSFE. This Hub (by happenstance) turned out to be a charitable, registered association in Germany.

All people listed above are members of that Hub.