Hugo Roy

Hugo is active within the FSFE since September 2009 when he was assisting the President, Karsten Gerloff, on policy issues at the European and United Nations level. He is currently involved in the FSFE Legal Team, and coordinates FSFE's work in France. He has a masters' degree in copyright, patent and trademark law from Sciences Po Paris. He is currently a lawyer-in-training at the Paris Bar.

Hugo is the co-founder of the Digital Freedoms association and also a member of April and French Data Network. In 2012, he co-founded the Terms of Service; Didn't Read project with FSFE fellows.

Born in Lille in 1990, Hugo likes coffee, milkshakes, Zappa, Dalí, Jodorowsky, Nabokov, Kafka, et cætera.


Talks and Publications on Free Software