The FSFE Team

These people are working for and with the FSFE on a regular basis, so they have been given permanent responsibilities and authorities for certain areas. Some of them are members of the association, some are not.


The Executive Council of the FSFE consists of the Executive Director, the President and Vice-President. The Council is responsible for larger budgeting questions, implementation of strategic guidelines, and rights of the national associations.

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of the FSFE's legal body's members. It is responsible for strategic planning, budgeting, agenda-setting, exonerating, and the electing and recalling of the Executive Council and the Financial Officer.

European Core Team

Here you can find people working on the day to day tasks of the organisation on a voluntary or paid basis on core issues: Country team coordinators and their deputies, staff, coordinators of special teams, or system administrators. Not included are a huge number of altering volunteers from our working team, contributors to our campaigns, or to specific topics.

  • Guido ArnoldGuido ArnoldCoordinator Education, Coordinator Rhein/Main

  • Paul HänschPaul HänschCoordinator Webmasters, System AdministratorFreelancer

  • Francesca IndoratoFrancesca IndoratoPart-time employee

  • Nicolas JeanNicolas JeanDeputy Coordinator France

  • Timo JyrinkiTimo JyrinkiDeputy Coordinator Finland

  • Otto KekäläinenOtto KekäläinenCoordinator Finland

  • Jürgen KneisslJürgen KneisslDeputy Coordinator Austria

  • Michele MarraliMichele MarraliCoordinator Italy

  • Marcus MöllerMarcus MöllerDeputy Coordinator Switzerland

  • Cristian RigamontiCristian RigamontiSystem Administrator

  • Felix StegermanFelix StegermanDeputy Coordinator Netherlands

  • Maurice VerheesenMaurice VerheesenCoordinator Netherlands

  • Christian WiderströmChristian Widerström


Our interns are working on various topics inside FSFE's teams: Supporting ongoing projects and campaigns, coordinating volunteers and communicating with the community, public administrations and other organisations.

  • George Brooke-SmithGeorge Brooke-SmithInternFull-time employee

  • Alexandra BuschAlexandra BuschInternFull-time employee

Local Teams

Are you looking for a local contact to get active, or just to learn more about Free Software and the FSFE? In more and more European cities, local FSFE groups form to make a difference. To see if there is already a group in your area, please visit our local team page.