Fiduciary Programme

FSFE can act as the legal guardian of Free Software projects. The Fiduciary Programme allows projects to use the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) to assign copyrights to FSFE, allowing the consolidation and effective management of their copyright status. It allows developers to focus on making great applications rather than dealing with legal administration.

FSFE makes sure projects are in a strong legal position without being prescriptive; we don't dictate project policy or project management. Our ob is to make sure you can do your job.

The details of our fiduciary selection process and our policies are available for review, and your comments are always welcome.

You can also adapt the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) to consolidate your copyright under your own administrative umbrella. We have a page containing customisable versions of the FLA here.

If you would like more information about our fiduciary programme please contact us.

Details of the Programme