Associate Organisations of the FSFE

Associate organisations are independent of the Free Software Foundation Europe and entirely autonomous. They are completely self-run and -managed in all aspects (such as membership, statutes, finances and so on).

Being associate means being formally allied and having immediate access to the FSFE. So associates are usually involved in the internal communication and consideration process. Also we will work together for campaigns and events such as tradeshows.

If you are interested in the associate status, please consider to read what it means to be an associate of FSFE and how to become one.

National Association for Free Software

ANSOL is the "National Association for Free Software". It is a Portuguese non-profit association dedicated to the promotion, development, research and study of Computing Freedom and its social, political philosophical, cultural, technical and scientific implications.

Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software

The "Association of Greek Users and Friends of Free Software / Open Source Software" (also called "Greek Linux User Group") is a greek NGO/Society, whose purpose is to promote GNU/Linux and Free Software in Greece through various activities as seminars, introduction speeches at schools, daily operation of GNU/Linux Labs around Greece and struggle for Free Software in the Greek public sector.

Fundația Ceata

Fundația Ceata is a Romanian Free Software and Free Culture foundation aligned with the Free Software philosophy of the GNU Project. It is incorporated in Bucharest and has local teams in Cluj County and the Republic of Moldova. Ceata (Romanian for "the gang") has started as an informal group in June 2008 and it has become foundation in February 2013. Since its beginning Ceata is heavily involved in Free Software activism, organization of digital freedom events, and development of Free Software and Free Cultural works.

Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure

The FFII is a non-profit association under German law that promotes a sustainable development of public information sources based on copyright, free competition and open standards.

Verein zur Förderung Freier Informationen und Software e.V.

The ffis e.V. is a German non-profit association of Free Software enthusiasts that supports the development and establishment of free information and Free Software with various events and projects.

Society for Free Culture and Software (Föreningen fri kultur och programvara)

The Society for Free Culture and Software is a Swedish non-profit organisation working for a society built around a free exchange of knowledge, ideas and culture. The society works inter-disciplinary and gathers in the conference FSCONS knowledge from several different groups, including Creative Commons, Free Software Foundation Europe, Wikimedia, FriBit and EFN.

Free Knowledge Foundation (Fundación Conocimiento Libre)

The FKF is a non-profit organisation based in Spain that promotes the idea of knowledge as a common good accessible by everybody. Its focus is on Free Knowledge, Free Software, Free Standards and Intellectual Wealth.

Free Software Initiative of Japan

A Japanese non-profit association to further Free Software.

Irish Free Software Organisation

The goals of Irish Free Software Organisation (IFSO) are to prevent changes in legislation which would harm Free Software users and developers, and to promote awareness of Free Software among Irish computer users.

KDE e.V.

KDE e.V. is the official body behind the K Desktop Environment. KDE e.V. is a non-profit organisation that handles legal issues for the KDE project, its goal is to support the development and spreading of KDE, the popular graphical desktop environment.

Organisation for Free Software in Education and Teaching

OFSET is a not for profit French international association under the law of 1901. It has been set up in response to the slow development of free educational software for the GNU system. It will promote all possible forms of development and localisations needed by the world wide education system.

Fundacion Via Libre

Fundacion Via Libre -- Argentinian Foundation for Free Software


Vrijschrift creates awareness about the economic and social meaning of free knowledge and culture for our society. Vrijschrift fulfills both a protecting and promoting role. Internationally we work together with the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure, the Free Software Foundation Europe, Project Gutenberg and a lot of other organisations.

Wilhelm Tux

Wilhelm Tux -- Campaign for Free Software. Swiss non-profit for Free Software.