I love Free Software Day 2014

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Valentine's Day traditionally is a day to show and celebrate love. So why do not take this as a chance to show your love for Free Software this year?

#ilovefs day 2014

As every year, Valentine's Day will be celebrated on the 14th of February, which will be a Friday this year. Similar to last year, the FSFE is planning an online campaign to celebrate this day as an "I love Free Software" - Day.

Campaign: Spread your love for Free Software

Our online campaign aims at rising awareness to Free Software and the passionate, hard-working people behind it. Show them that you appreciate their work – it could make all the difference! Others already did so, to get inspired you can read why they love Free Software.

Of course, there are lots of ways to declare one's love... Here are just some ideas about how you can go public and proclaim your love to Free Software.

    tweet for i love free software

    One of the many tweets and dents for #ilovefs 2013

  • E-mail/Letters Send active Free Software supporters a message thanking them for their work. Do not underestimate the effects of such a message. As many Free Software developers work hard for their projects without earning money, a big "thank you" / "love you" is like good fuel for their further encouragement.
  • Microblog Especially on Valentine's Day, microblog about how you love Free Software, and use the Hashtag #ilovefs. Encourage your friends to do as well, let us try to push our message in a high ranking on Twitter trends and hashtag timelines in identi.ca and other blogging system.
  • Blog If you are a Blogger, blog about the "I love Free Software" - Day and the idea behind it. Get people attracted by the idea of Free Software.
  • Banners We set up a page showing different banners that support the "I love Free Software" - Day and that are free to use. Some even come along with code snippets to easily implement it on your homepage or blog.

Show your love - Individually

  • Matthias Kirschner hugging Peter Stuge
    Hug a developer (Obviously better to ask permission first ; )
  • Buy your favourite developer a drink. Or buy someone else a drink and while savouring it, tell him/her about your favorite Free Software application!
  • Use your lunch break at work to talk with your colleagues about Free Software and why it is worth to support our movement.
  • Send a book to your favourite contributor and support FSFE at the same time.
  • Send us pictures of how you are expressing your feelings for Free Software. We will publish them on our website, making a gallery of Free Software lovers from around the world!
  • Martin Gollowitzer wearing one of our T-shirts

    Martin Gollowitzer wearing one of our T-shirts

    Wear shirts and sweaters showing your support for Free Software. If you need new stuff, you can order some from us, or from your favourite Free Software project.
  • Money can't buy you love... but it can help to fight for your freedom. Donate to FSFE or another Free Software initiative to express your gratitude. They depend on your contribution to continue their work. So check out your favourite organisation and make a donation. You can be sure they will love you back.

Raporti mbi Ditën #ilovefs 2016

22 February 2016:

E diela e 14 Shkurtit 2016 qe dita për të shpalosur dashurinë ndaj njerëzve që kemi për zemër. Në këtë ditë, si një traditë e përvitshme, bashkësia e Software-it të Lirë kremton ditën "E dua Software-in e Lirë" për të falënderuar zhvilluesit që gjenden pas Software-it të Lirë. Këtë vit, për herë të gjashtë radhazi, FSFE-ja i kërkoi gjithkujt të shprehë vlerësimin dhe mirënjohjen e vet kontribuesve në Software-in e Lirë që parapëlqejnë.

Dita E dua Software-in e Lirë 2016

08 February 2016:

Erdhi koha për të thënë "faleminderit" më 14 Shkurt, Dita "E dua Software-in e Lirë" për 2016-n. Free Software Foundation Europe i fton të gjithë përdoruesit e Software-it të Lirë ta përdorin ditën tradicionale të dashurisë për të sjellë në mendje njerëzit e palodhur që japin ndihmesë në Software-in e Lirë, prej të cilit varemi krejt ne. Si çdo vit, ka plot rrugë pjesëmarrjeje në këtë fushatë internet, që filloi të kremtohej këtu e pesë vjet më parë.

#ilovefs Report 2015

03 March 2015:

On Saturday, 14 February 2015, people all over the world showed Free Software contributors their appreciation. It was the fifth year the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) asked people to participate in the “I Love Free Software” day. This report shows a variety of love declarations that happened this day, including blog posts, pictures, comics, poems, and an #ilovefs Android library. The FSFE thanks everybody who motivated Free Software contributors this year, and ask everybody to mark 14 February in their calendars for next year's “I love Free Software” day.

Shpalosni dashurinë tuaj për Software-in e Lirë

09 February 2015:

Çdo 14 Shkurt, Free Software Foundation Europe-a i fton tërë përdoruesit e Software-it të Lirë që në Ditën "E dua Software-in e Lirë" të sjellin në mend njerëzit e palodhur të bashkësisë së Software-it të Lirë dhe t’u shfaqin atyre individualisht vlerësimin.

#ilovefs Report 2014

21 February 2014:

On February 14th, people all around the world expressed their gratitude and appreciation not only to their partner but also to Free Software and its contributors. With our yearly #ilovefs we asked you to thank your favourite developers and projects and were overwhelmed by the resonance in blogs, social networks, and mailing lists.