I love Free Software Day 2015

Valentine's Day traditionally is a day to show and celebrate love. So why do not take this as a chance to show your love for Free Software this year?

We love Free Software

As every year, Valentine's Day will be celebrated on the 14th of February, which will be a Saturday this year. Similar to last year, the FSFE is planning an online campaign to celebrate this day as an "I love Free Software" - Day.

Last year's campaign was simply fantastic! We read a lot of interesting blog posts and media articles about specific pieces of software or Free Software in general. On Microblogs there was a overwhelming #ilovefs storm the whole day and all over the world people thanked developers for their great work by mail or in person. Even politicians showed their love for Free Software because of its important meaning in times of surveillance and cloud lock-in.

This year we move the focus on people. Free Software is not developed by machines but by humans like you. Of course, the lines of code they share with us and the society are a very important part of our daily life but the fact that they spend a lot of their free or work time for Free Software matters much more. They are the foundation of the freedom we appreciate.

And let's not forget that Free Software is not only written code but also builds upon various contributions like design, translations, testing, or documentation. One cannot work without the other and we should say "thank you" to everybody's effort.

Show your love

Of course there are lots of ways to declare one's love. Everybody likes Free Software for a variety of reasons. Here are just some ideas about how you can go public and proclaim your love to Free Software.

    German green  parliamentary group with an ilovefs picture
  • Pictures A picture is worth thousand words. Show the world that you love Free Software and the people behind it by making an individual photo. Maybe a picture with you and a chalkboard with your favourite developer or software on it? An #ilovefs balloon with your city in the background? We already have a small photo gallery with some pictures which might inspire you but there are a lot more possibilities and we are looking forward to seeing your creative ideas as well!
  • our new postcard with the text: I love Free Software - but I love you more

    Our brand-new postcard

  • Postcards On Valentine's Day there are many people to show your love to and maybe you are in trouble to remember all of them. Not this year! Get some of our "I love Free Software - but I love you more" postcards and send them to the people you like. You can order them on our promotion page and we would be happy to receive a small donation to cover the costs.
  • (Micro)Blog Last year we saw many blog posts about specific software and aspects of Free Software people want to emphasise. This is a great opportunity to present and recommend a Free Software you really like or to explain why Free Software is a crucial part of your daily life. Maybe you also want to thank a certain contributor, developer or group for their great work?
  • Donate Last but not least people also appreciate coffee, tea or beer. So why not stand a contributor something? If she or he lives nearby invite them for a drink or donate to their project. And if you cannot decide for a certain individual or software, you can also donate to the FSFE or other supporters of Free Software.
tweet for i love free software

One of the many tweets and dents for #ilovefs

If everybody contributes a small part we can enjoy a beautiful "I love Free Software" day together. Let's share pictures, send postcards, tweets and blog posts, and show our love individually. Happy I love Free Software day everyone!

#ilovefs Report 2015

03 March 2015:

On Saturday, 14 February 2015, people all over the world showed Free Software contributors their appreciation. It was the fifth year the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) asked people to participate in the “I Love Free Software” day. This report shows a variety of love declarations that happened this day, including blog posts, pictures, comics, poems, and an #ilovefs Android library. The FSFE thanks everybody who motivated Free Software contributors this year, and ask everybody to mark 14 February in their calendars for next year's “I love Free Software” day.

Show your love for Free Software

09 February 2015:

Every year on 14th February, the Free Software Foundation Europe asks all Free Software users to think about the hard-working people in the Free Software community and to show them their appreciation individually on this "I love Free Software"-Day.

#ilovefs Report 2014

21 February 2014:

On February 14th, people all around the world expressed their gratitude and appreciation not only to their partner but also to Free Software and its contributors. With our yearly #ilovefs we asked you to thank your favourite developers and projects and were overwhelmed by the resonance in blogs, social networks, and mailing lists.

Show your love for Free Software

11 February 2014:

On 14th February, the Free Software Foundation Europe asks all Free Software users to think about the dedicated hard-working people in the Free Software community and to show them their appreciation like last year.

#ILOVEFS campaign 2013

21 February 2013:

Every year on February 14th people celebrate love, relationship with others.. and for the third year running, the wonders of Free Software. All around the world people expressed their love during the "I love Free software" day. We would like to thank you for participating, and share some lovely quotes, dents, tweets, blog entries and articles that were done because of your dedication to Free Software. When developers will read your declarations, they will definitely find extra energy to carry on their good work.