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This is a list of the current projects of FSFE. There is also an archive of Currently Inactive Projects as well as Finished And Discontinued Projects.

Reuse of Free Software

FSFE is elaborating and promoting best practices for Free Software developers to encourage reuse of their software. By lowering the barrier to reuse Free Software, we can entrench the position of Free Software as the foundation and default for all new software. Based on existing sources and the experience of our community, we want to show and encourage the practices we know make the process of reuse easier.

Launched by the Fellowship of FSFE, is a site providing information about PDF with links to Free Software PDF readers for all major operating systems

Open Standards

Lock-in of data is one of the most common techniques to artificially raise the cost of migration to Free Software. Ensuring the best possible interoperability through Open Standards is essential in enabling users to escape vendor lock-in. FSFE's work on Open Standards has the goal of making sure that people do not have to lose all their data when migrating to Free Software.

Legal Team

A Freedom Task Force ajuda as pessoas, projetos e empresas com licenciamento de Software Livre. Assim fornece assistência, formação e gestão de redes de peritos técnicos e jurídicos para ajudar neste processo. A FTF trabalha em parceria com para resolver problemas de licença no palco europeu. is a collaborative platform initiated and maintained by FSFE to inform on the dangers of Digital Restrictions Management and make visible the concerns from various different groups. contributors include digital liberty, consumer protection, net-activism and library organisations.


A second directive on the enforcement of "intellectual property rights" has been proposed by the European Commission. It aims to criminalise all "intentional, commercial-scale" infringements, and to allow rights-holders to take part investigations. FSFE will be pointing out to the EU institutions how such laws encourage abuse of the legal system and have chilling effects on law-abiding activities.

Microsoft versus European Union citizens

In 2001 the European Union, through the DG Competition of the European Commission (lead by Mr. Mario Monti), started investigating Microsoft's dominant position in the market for desktop operating systems. The Free Software Foundation Europe was invited by the European Commission to represent the interests of the Free Software movement. Since 2004, FSFE is participating in the appeal to again defend competition and freedom of choice against abuses.

Software Patents in Europe

Software patents for Europe are currently being pushed forward actively by a lobby gathering around the European patent office and the Business Software Alliance (BSA), which represents the interests of the large U.S. companies. Software patents are a menace to society and economy and the FSFE is actively involved in the resistance against such plans.


O objetivo do projeto educacional é promover o Software Livre em todas as atividades relacionadas com a educação e as instituições, como a escola, o jardins de infância ou a universidade. O Software Livre é a melhor escolha para todas as atividades do ensino porque incentiva a escolarização do entendimento sobre a escolarização de produtos e salvaguarda os princípios científicos.