FSFE's Professional Services - Details

Annual Kickoff­ and Retrospective FSFE Networking Dinners

The annual FSFE networking dinners takes place in a European capital city and bring together key supporters and representatives from industry, education, politics and the legal community to network and exchange information, ideas, and experiences.

Kickoff Dinner
The kickoff dinner takes place in the first months of each year and a different aspect of Free Software is always chosen as a theme. The event traditionally includes an introductory address by FSFE's president, which highlights the key issues surrounding the selected topic from FSFE's perspective.
Retrospective Dinner
At the retrospective dinner, held towards the end of each year, FSFE's president will summarize the key global issues and happenings of the previous year in Free Software and give an overview about the expected topics for the upcoming year.
During both dinners, participants are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss items of specific interest to them.
Participants to the dinners need to register in advance. The admission price is 800 EUR per event and includes the dinner and drinks. Participants need to provide their own accommodation and transportation.

Free Software Hotline

FSFE brings together and maintains a large network of experts on all different aspects of Free Software. Through its Hotline service, FSFE enables subscribers to access the core team of FSFE and ask questions, which will either be answered immediately through FSFE staff or are forwarded to an appropriate member of our network.

FSFE will stay on top of the issue and make sure that the subscriber receives an answer within a short period of time. All questions will be treated with utmost confidentiality and cannot be traced back to its originator.
FSFE reserves the right to defer or reject certain questions if no suitable expert can be found within our network.
FSFE cannot provide legal advice and thus any information provided is purely informational and companies should seek advice from a certified legal practitioner for specific legal questions.
Access to the Free Software Hotline is based on a subscription model and costs 1000 EUR per year for email­only access, which includes up to 10 individual tickets raised by the subscriber. The service is provided on a best­effort level with usual turnaround times of less then 48 hours during normal business hours.
A special version of the Free Software Hotline allows for phone access to FSFE's senior staff and will be charged on a per­ incident basis at 500 EUR per call.

Bi­Monthly Update Call

The bi­monthly update call is the ideal service for people who want to stay on top of the Free Software community and market but don't have the time to read through all the different websites and other sources of information.

Concise and to the point, FSFE's president or another member of the senior staff will highlight the major issues and happenings in Free Software and also address questions from the subscribers.

The calls are scheduled on the last Friday of January, March, May, July, September, and November at or around the end of the business day in Europe. Attendees who cannot make the call can download a recorded version of the call to listen to at their convenience. Questions can also be submitted in advance of the call.
Each call takes up to two hours. The actual call schedule is prepared and communicated at the beginning of each year.
Participation in this call is based on a subscription basis and will be charged at 1200 EUR per six conference calls.

Personalized Workshop

Senior FSFE staff will provide a personalized, one­day speech or workshop at a customer's premise or event. Topics of such workshops can range from 'How to create a Free Software policy for an organization' to general introductions to Free Software or even political, economical, or technical topics.

The topic of the workshop will be agreed upon between the customer and FSFE at the time of booking.
Workshops may include handouts and hands­on training, depending on the subject matter chosen.
FSFE cannot provide legal advice and thus any information provided in such workshops is purely informational and companies should seek advice from a certified legal practitioner for specific legal questions.
The cost of a one­day workshop is 2500 EUR plus any travel and out­of­pocket expenses incurred.

Annual Summary of key issues in Free Software

FSFE publishes several newsletters during the year and also maintains and monitors a multitude of different Internet forums, conferences, chat rooms and mailing lists.Once every year (usually towards the end of the year), senior FSFE staff meet for a two day workshop to compile the most interesting and important issues discussed and moved forward during the previous year.

The result of this discussion is a multi­faceted summary of all key issues seen in Free Software in the previous year throughout the world.

This summary is made available to the public on a subscription only basis and delivered in an electronic format (PDF).
The annual subscription cost is 800 EUR.

Disclaimer: The services described here are basic services provided through the Free Software Foundation e.V. (FSFE) to its corporate partners. FSFE reserves the right to change or amend those products as it sees fit and change or discontinue them at any time.

All quoted prices are excluding VAT. VAT may vary depending on country and location of the customer.

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