We can provide assistance, information, and expertise on a wide variety of issues relating to Free Software. Individuals, communities and businesses are encouraged to contact us with questions. We are proud to maintain the world’s largest private network of Free Software legal experts. We have a skilled team that handles policy issues, and a network of specialists who advise on our various campaigns.


You can get in touch by emailing contact@fsfe.org. If you would like to contact someone in your own area or in your own language, you can also write to one of our local teams.
If you prefer to send your email securely encrypted, please write directly to Jonas Öberg or Matthias Kirschner.

Media Enquiries

For media enquiries, please consult the press room or email press@fsfeurope.org.

Public Discussion

Please consider asking general questions about Free Software on our mailing list or on IRC.

Fellowship Enquiries

For queries relating to the FSFE Fellowship, please email fellowship@fsfeurope.org.

Legal Enquiries

To receive support with Free Software licences please email licence-questions@lists.fsfe.org, our dedicated list. More details are available on the pages for the list and for our Legal Team.


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