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The long road from compulsory routers to freedom of choice

02 September 2015:

The router. Despite often being dusty it is one of the most important devices needed for using the internet or phones. However: Most users in Germany don’t own this device even though it is located inside their homes and they pay for it.

Oproep tot evaluatie: vragen over het Duitse Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken

01 April 2015:

Position paper for the boost of Open Educational Resources on the basis of Free Software

10 February 2015:

Together with FSFE and other partners, the Bündnis Freie Bildung ("Free Education Alliance") today publishes its position paper about the creation and usage of Open Educational Resources (OER). Therein, the Bündnis demands a consequent publishing of all OER-material under public licences and their availability as Free Software and in Open Standard formats.


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German Team

  • Erik AlbersErik Albers координатор СодружестваШтатный сотрудник

  • Guido ArnoldGuido Arnold координатор Education

  • Karsten GerloffKarsten Gerloff

  • Georg C. F. GreveGeorg C. F. Greveпрезидент-основатель

  • Torsten GroteTorsten Grote

  • Thomas JenschThomas Jensch помощник координатора Education

  • Matthias KirschnerMatthias Kirschner президентШтатный сотрудник

  • Werner KochWerner Koch

  • Max MehlMax Mehl координатор Германия, помощник координатора немецких переводовВнештатный сотрудник

  • Bernhard ReiterBernhard Reiter

  • Björn SchießleBjörn Schießle помощник координатора Германия

  • Ulrike SliwinskiUlrike Sliwinski офисная работницаВнештатная сотрудница

A group picture of the German team

The German FSFE Team in 2010 at LinuxHotel.