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A group picture of the German team

The German FSFE Team in 2010 at LinuxHotel.

FSFE's Germany Team unites people who are deeply committed to Free Software activities in Germany and germanophone countries. With mutual trust and joint experience we engage on various levels.

Please see our list of members, severals ways how to contact us, and the latest news and upcoming events related to Free Software in Germany.

Germany Team members

The Germany Team consists of a selection of FSFE members inside and outside Germany, most coordinators of local groups in Germany, and people from Free Software initiatives. Every member enjoys our full trust. This list of members is not complete.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any Germany-related questions. We treat your inquiry as confidential. If you would like to contact us by encrypted email, please contact the team's coordinators using their public GnuPG keys.

For general discussions about Free Software and the FSFE, please refer to FSFE's public germanophone discussion list.

Email: germany@fsfeurope.org
Postal: Free Software Foundation Europe e.V.
Schönhauser Allee 6/7
Stairway 2, 5. floor
10119 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 27595290

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The latest news covering FSFE's activities in Germany. Please also have a look at all FSFE news.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern - Zittende regeringspartijen zijn blijkbaar bang voor Vrije Software

23 August 2016:

De Free Software Foundation Europe maakt vandaag als deel van de "Coalitie Vrije Kennis de verkiezingstoetsstenen voor de verkiezingen voor het parlement van Mecklenburg-Vorpommern op 4 september 2016 bekend. De partijen konden stelling nemen ten aanzien van de eis om publiek gefinancierde software als Vrije Software openbaar te maken en ten aanzien van de bereidheid om Vrije Software versterkt in het onderwijs in te zetten. De Groenen staan positief ten opzichte van Vrije Software en doen voorstellen voor de omschakeling. De Linksen hebben de betekenis van „Vrije Software“ als zodanig erkent, hoewel concrete voorstellen voor de omschakeling ontbreken. SPD en CDU hebben daarentegen inhoudelijk veel in te halen.

Compulsory Routers: what customers have to take care of now

25 July 2016:

Up until now, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Germany determined the router users had to use to connect to the Internet. The user had no say in this decision. This changes on August 1. A new law will allow users choose the device that gets installed in their homes. The FSFE wants to ensure everybody knows about their new rights and is asking users to report cases in which ISPs try to avoid the new regulation.

The long road from compulsory routers to freedom of choice

02 September 2015:

The router. Despite often being dusty it is one of the most important devices needed for using the internet or phones. However: Most users in Germany don’t own this device even though it is located inside their homes and they pay for it.

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A selection of upcoming events in Germany with FSFE's presence. Please also have a look at the complete list of events.

Rencontre de la Fellowship Rhin/Main, Allemagne

07 September 2016

Wednesday 7 September, la Fellowship de la zone Rhin/Main se rencontrera au Zentrale Coworking à Frankfurt. La rencontre se fera aux alentours de 19:00 h.

FSFE Info-booth organized by Fellowship group Rhine/Main at Rotlintstraßenfest in Frankfurt

10 September 2016

On Saturday, 10 September, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will inform visitors of the Rotlintstraßenfest in Frankfurt. Stop by and have a chat with us!