Fellowship Events

Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

04 March 2015

On Wednesday, 4 March, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Café Albatros in Frankfurt. We will meet there around 19:00 h.

Fellowship Elections 2015

27 February to 13 March 2015

Fellows of the FSFE will have a vote for the seventh elections for FSFE's Fellowship representative. Every Fellow who is allowed to vote should have received an email from “FSFE Fellowship (CIVS poll supervisor)” with the subject “Poll: Fellowship elections 2015”. Please find all necessary information for you to vote inside this email. The winner of the election will be publicly announced on March 16 on FSFE's web page. This year, you can vote for three outstanding candidates (in reverse alphabetical order): Felix Stegerman, Max Mehl and Nicolas Dietrich.

Ежемесячное собрание сообщества ЕФСПО в Вене

20 March 2015

В этом месяце сообщество ЕФСПО в Вене проведет собрание в центре Metalab по адресу район Внутренний город, улица Ратхаусштрассе, дом 6. Начало в 18:00, обсуждение повестки дня в 19:00. Как обычно, мы приглашаем всех, кто заинтересован в деятельности ЕФСПО или просто поддерживает свободное программное обеспечение. С нетерпением ждем встречи!