Fellowship Events

FSFE website Hackathon

20 September 2014

The FSFE website pool needs some overhaul, bug squishing, style cleaning and so on. Therefore we will meet for a FSFE website Hackathon on Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 2pm until open end at BeLUG, Lehrter Straße 53, Berlin. For everyone not in Berlin the meeting will take place on IRC. Join us in #fsfe on chat.freenode.net.
The hackathon will take place in parellel to the Software Freedom Day party of the Berlin Linux User Group (BeLUG). Come celebrate SFD with us while helping us maintain our pool of campaign sites.

Michael Stehmann: Cryptography only with Free Software

20 September 2014

On Document Freedom Day, Michael Stehmann explains the basics of modern cryptography and why cryptography nees Free Softwrae. The talk is for newbies, you do not need more mathematical knowledge than in school.

Fellowship meeting Linz

26 September 2014

The next meeting of the Fellowship Group Linz will be held on September 26, 2014. We start the official agenda no later than 19:00 and end it no later than 20:00. Afterwards, participants are welcome to stay and socialize. If you want something to be added to the agenda, please follow the link to our wiki-page.

Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

01 October 2014

On Wednesday, 1 October, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Café Albatros in Frankfurt. We will meet there around 19:00 h.