Fiduciary Programme Acceptance Guidelines

FSFE seeks to support as many Free Software projects as possible with its fiduciary activities, which follow the same non-profit long-term Free Software orientation that governs all of FSFE's work.

As a non-profit organisation dedicated to the long-term success of Free Software, FSFE cannot afford to accept all projects, and should not accept projects on which it feels it cannot do the job well enough to meet its own criteria of quality of work.

FSFE therefore needs to make decisions on a case to case basis for each project that seeks to have FSFE as its fiduciary. Criteria that FSFE uses to this purpose are:



Risk Status:

Licensing Policy:

Upon application for entering the FSFE's fiduciary program, the FTF Coordinator will assess all these five points, assign scores to them which are supplemented with a brief one or two sentence description of the reasoning behind the score, and then give the overall score and recommendation.

This recommendation should either be to a) accept a project into FSFE's fiduciary activities, b) further discuss with the project, or c) decline the project and possibly point them to other groups.

The recommendation is then reviewed by FSFE's Executive Council, and either approved or - at the discretion of the Council - passed for decision to the FSFE General Assembly and/or Team.