Policy goals 2014 - 2019

Distributed systems

The internet has driven innovation and democratic participation precisely because it has no central point of control. The trend towards centralised services is endangering this fundamental advantage.

In order to safeguard the freedom of the citizens of the information society, we need to build distributed systems for all important functions on top of the internet.

Policy makers should promote the development and use of distributed systems to replace services which are currently centralised to a high degree, such as social networking. They should ensure that appropriate public funds are allocated to this task.

Policy makers should promote the development of Open Standards through which such systems can interact with each other. Policy makers should promote the use of these tools by using them for their own interactions with the public, and avoid centralised services wherever possible.

We want the EU and its member states to:

- ask European funding agencies, and in particular the European Commission, to focus funding on the development of distributed communication platforms based on Free Software and Open Standards.

- ask the Parliament's administration to support MEPs in routinely making use of distributed platforms, especially in social media.