Policy goals 2014 - 2019

Privacy, surveillance and cryptography

Without privacy and anonymity there can be no democratic discourse. In a free country, citizens need to be able to talk to each other without fear of being spied upon.

To this end, citizens rely both on the rule of law and on technology. Policy makers need to protect their citizens against surveillance, foster the development of tools that protect citizens' privacy, and promote the use of such tools.

In the face of pervasive internet surveillance, policy makers should promote the use of encryption in all spheres of communication. All public bodies must offer the citizens they serve the means to communicate through encrypted and secured channels.

Policy makers should prioritise the development of Free Software encryption tools for general use, and ensure that public funds are made available for this purpose.

We want the EU and its member states to:

- ensure that Free Software-based encryption technologies come into standard usage within the Parliament, as well as the Commission and the Council.

- ask the Commission to propose legislation requiring all public bodies to offer citizens the opportunity to communicate with them through channels secured by encryption technologies