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Nationalratswahl 2013: Positionen der Parteien zu Freier Software und digitaler Gesellschaft

26 September 2013:

Am 29.09.2013 finden in Österreich die Nationalratswahlen statt. Zum Ende des Wahlkampfes veröffentlicht die Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) die Positionen der Parteien zum Thema Freie Software und digitale Gesellschaft.

Positions on Free Software and Open Standards of Vienna's political parties

07 October 2010:

With the upcoming local elections, the Vienna Fellowship group asked the political parties about Free Software and Open Standards. Eight out of fifteen parties replied to the questions about use of Free Software, adoption of Open Standards for communication (internal and external) and E-Governance.

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"Linuxtage" in Graz, Austria

29 April 2017

At the annual event in Graz, lots of presentation talks and information booths offer visitors the possibility to catch up on information about GNU/Linux, Free Software and related projects. The event location is the FH Joanneum. FSFE will be present with an information booth.

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