I ♥ Free Software

Valentines Day is a celebration of love and affection between intimate companions. This year why not take the opportunity to show you care about the people and Free Software that show you love all year round? Here are our suggestions for making this February the fourteenth a very special day.

This time it's personal

Behind every Free Software initiative and organisation are real, hard-working people. Show them that you appreciate their work – it could make all the difference!

Money can't buy you love...

… But it can help to fight for your freedom. Donate to a Free Software initiative to express your gratitude. Organisations like FSFE depend on your contribution to continue their work. Check out your favourite organisation and make a donation. You can be sure they will love you back.

Show your love

This sticker is available in our shop.

Spread your love of Free Software

For your website or blog

Banner with hearts in modified FSFE logo saying “I love Free Software!”
Banner with hearts saying “I love Free Software!”
Banner with hearts saying “Show you love for Free Software – I love Free Software!”
Transparent heart with “I love Free Software! – Show your love”
Microbutton saying “#ilovefs”

We also have the graphics available in scalable SVG format if you need to make adjustments. We welcome translations of these graphics: Please send your finished translations to translators@lists.fsfe.org to have them published here.

Thanks to Markus Meier for making the graphics!