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A group picture of the German team

The German FSFE Team in 2010 at LinuxHotel.

FSFE's Germany Team unites people who are deeply committed to Free Software activities in Germany and germanophone countries. With mutual trust and joint experience we engage on various levels.

Please see our list of members, severals ways how to contact us, and the latest news and upcoming events related to Free Software in Germany.

Germany Team members

The Germany Team consists of a selection of FSFE members inside and outside Germany, most coordinators of local groups in Germany, and people from Free Software initiatives. Every member enjoys our full trust. This list of members is not complete.


Please feel free to contact us regarding any Germany-related questions. We treat your inquiry as confidential. If you would like to contact us by encrypted email, please contact the team's coordinators using their public GnuPG keys.

For general discussions about Free Software and the FSFE, please refer to FSFE's public germanophone discussion list.

Email: germany@lists.fsfe.org
Postal: Free Software Foundation Europe e.V.
Schönhauser Allee 6/7
Stairway 2, 5. floor
10119 Berlin
Phone: +49 30 27595290

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The latest news covering FSFE's activities in Germany. Please also have a look at all FSFE news.

Public Money, Public Code: Munich one step back - others two steps forward.

15 May 2019

More than two years ago, Munich abandoned their strategy of developing an independent IT infrastructure built with Free Software and the free operating system GNU/Linux and went back to depending on proprietary software. We followed this process closely and like to give an update today about what has happened since then in Munich and in Europe in general. Did we manage to gain more independence and control over our IT or did dependencies on monopolies increase over the past two years?

Free Software in Munich - FSFE thanks cabaret artist Christine Prayon

15 May 2019

Yesterday, political satirist Christine Prayon was awarded the 10,000 Euro Dieter Hildebrandt Prize of the City of Munich for demanding political or decidedly socio-critical political satire. Prayon is donating the prize money to the Free Software Foundation Europe.

Digital-O-Mat: Wat vinden de partijen in Hessen van Vrije Software?

10 October 2018

De Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) heeft voorafgaand aan de komende verkiezing voor de Landdag in Hessen met behulp van een "Digital-O-Mat" de posities van de partijen ten aanzien van Vrije Software onder de loep genomen. Opvallend zijn met name de zwaarwegende verschillen tussen de huidige coalitiepartners. Terwijl de CDU zich voor de status quo uitspreekt presenteert Bündnis 90/Die Grünen zich als ondersteuner van Vrije Software en spreekt zich expliciet uit voor het door de FSFE gepropageerde grondbeginsel "Publiek Geld, Publieke Code!" van de gelijknamige campagne uit.

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