We speak about Free Software

How to support and participate


There are many ways to support the "We speak about Free Software" campaign, first of all you can start talking of and about Free Software.

Another way of supporting the campaign is to link to it from your web page, encouraging people to become aware of the campaign and its goals.

If you have a talent for art, you might also contribute some sort of banner or button that people can then put on their pages.


The campaign is open. Every company can participate and we are glad about everyone wanting to join. Of course participating and being listed (other than simply supporting) in the campaign means that your company should be using the term "Free Software" on its web pages and publications.

If you decide to participate and provide us with an URL, we can make your company name a link. But since the FSFE will not link to sites promoting proprietary software, we need you to tell us that this URL will never lead people to proprietary software.


If you wish to participate or provide artworks please send mail to web@lists.fsfe.org. For general questions about the campaign, please contact team@lists.fsfe.org.