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Per Diem / VKP statement

In this form, you can enter travel days – e.g. for conferences – and the meals you paid yourself during this time. The correct amount will be calculated and sent to the financial team. For each individual travel/conference, you have to fill the form separately! Do this as soon as possible after a conference to not forget details, and to make sure that the amount will be checked in time by the financial team.

With the checkboxes of the left column you can add a day in your calculation; the unchecked days will be ignored. For your travelled days you can mark which meal you paid with your own money.

By default the calculator assumes you paid all meals yourself, so you will have to uncheck those meals which FSFE paid for, e.g. by paying the hotel room incl. breakfast.

The outward and return travel day are calculated with a reduced per diem amount, according to the legislation of your residence (currently Germany is pre-defined). Please make sure that you know whether a certain day counts as half/travel or full day.

1. Set general options

(Enter ? if you do not have it)

2. Select the destination country

(Other: per diem travel/full (e.g. "14/28" for Germany -> Germany). (See the different rates per country.)

3. Which meal did you pay yourself?

Use Date Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Calculate this day Name the day (e.g. by date)
Leave blank to autoname them
Did you pay this meal yourself? Did you pay this meal yourself? Did you pay this meal yourself?
Outward travel day (or if you travelled only one day)
Please be aware of when a day counts as travel or full day!
Full days (only check those you travelled)
Please be aware of when a day counts as travel/half or full day!
Return travel day
Please be aware of when a day counts as travel or full day!

4. Extra remarks / notes

If necessary, you can add additional remarks and notes to the statement you send.

5. Submit per diem report

If you would like to preview the results, either via email or only in the web interface, choose differing options below. To not lose your data, press the "back" button in your browser to come back to this page afterwards.