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FSFE Newsletter - March 2018

20 March 2018

With the FSFE's Public Money? Public Code! campaign not only do we demand that code paid for by the people should be available to the people. We also highlight good examples of public code so other decision makers can learn from it. One very good example is Article 68 and Article 69 of the "Codice Amministrazione Digitale", an Italian law requiring public administrations inside Italy to prefer internally made solutions and Free Software solutions over proprietary ones. In addition, these administrations have the duty to share the source code and documentation of any software developed with public money. These laws put Italy at the forefront of European legislation in favour of public code.

FSFE Italy asks political parties about their positions on Free Software

19 February 2018

In light of the upcoming elections in Italy on March 4th, the FSFE country team Italy sent out multiple questions to the participating parties to challenge them on their position about Free Software in public administration and education. We will publish and analyse their answers once we receive them.

Italian consumers shouldn’t have to pay for software they don’t want – Letter to Regulators

17 October 2014

FSFE and Italian consumer association ADUC, along with Italian group ILS, are asking regulators to take concrete steps to protect Italians from being forced to pay for software they do not want or need. Italy’s High Court ruled in September that computer vendors must reimburse customers for the price of unwanted non-free software that comes pre-installed on PCs and laptops. Today, FSFE, ADUC and ILS have sent a letter to the Italian competition authorities, calling on them to ensure that vendors will comply with the High Court’s decision, and respect the rights of their customers.


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