Ask your political candidates about Free Software

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Challenging local, regional, and national politicians on their position on Free Software is a very important ongoing activity. Particularly in the run-up to elections, engaging candidates and parties in software related questions can have a big impact.

How to ask your candidates

When to ask

Any time is a good time to ask your candidates about Free Software, but the run up to elections provides a particularly good opportunity as more attention is paid to the policies, intentions and promises of politicians and their parties. FSFE maintains a wiki calendar of European elections which can be used to determine the best time to initiate your own 'ask your candidates' campaign. The calendar relies on community contributed data, so please update and improve it if you can.

What questions to ask

Before you start asking questions you should think about what you want to ask. We encourage you to dive into our different areas of activities, our news items, and take a look at already asked questions as an inspiration for your own questions.

How to contact political candidates

How to contact political parties

How to increase the impact of your actions

Successful campaigns

Related news

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