Erik Albers

Community & Communication

Erik is FSFE's community builder and supports FSFE's friends and sustaining members individually or inside various groups over Europe to engage for Free Software.

Erik reaches out to new audiences and runs different campaigns or Ask your Candidates activities during democratic elections. He is also head of FSFE's outreach and PR material section.

Erik is a humanist, advocating for user's and software freedom with a connection towards the commons and the openness of everything. Always interested in: Digital sustainability / Freedom on mobile devices (technical) / Free Software and economy

I love Free Software, especially:

Audacity (Free Audio Editor), Clementine (Music Player), Clementine Remote (Clementine remote control app), F-Droid (Free Software App Repository for Android), Filezilla (FTP client), Firefox (Browser), Gnome (GNU/Linux Desktop Environment), Geany (text editor), Gimp (Image manipulation), GnuPG (Email encryption), Gtimelog (time tracking application), Hugin (Panorama photo stitcher), Inkscape (Vector graphics editor), OpenShot (Video editor), Libre Office (Free Office Suite), Nextcloud (Your own cloud), Open Streetmap (Free maps and navigation), Osmand (Open Streetmap Navigation App), RawTherapee (Raw-image manipulation), Scribus (Publishing Tool), Thunderbird (Email client), Tilda (drop down terminal), VLC (Video client), Wordpress (CMS), Zotero (citation and literature management)

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