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Interview with FSFE Fellow Neil McGovern

04 August 2015:

After some discontinuity, FSFE will start again to interview their sustaining members. This way, we like to show you who we are, where we come from and what we stand for. This month and as the first in our new series, we interviewed Neil McGovern, FSFE from the United Kingdom. Neil has been working in the Open Rights Group and was recently elected as Debian Project Leader (DPL). Read about his role as DPL, his engagement in Free Software as well as on political levels.

16 June 2015:

In an important step towards modernising the EU's copyright laws, the Legal Affairs committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday adopted a report on the Copyright Directive by MEP Julia Reda.

05 June 2015:

On June 16th, the European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee will vote on a report with a number of groundbreaking recommendations for copyright reform.

FSFE is looking for a systems administrator and architect

27 May 2015:

Please note that this position is no longer open for applications. The Free Software Foundation Europe was founded in 2001 and has gone through a tremendous growth since then, both in the number of volunteers and staff, and also in the complexity of our technical infrastructure and the number of services we run and offer for both internal and external use. We're currently looking for a system administrator and architect that, for a limited time, can support us in our work to migrate our services to a new infrastructure.

A restriction on technological restrictions

06 May 2015:

But all of us depend on the possibility to install or replace programs that we use every day, to increase our security, privacy or convenience -- or just because we happen to like using a different program on our laptop, tablet, phone, router, television, car, or on other devices.


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Chaos Communication Camp, Germany

13 to 17 August 2015

On August 13 - 17 there will be the Chaos Communication Camp, close to Zehdenick, Germany, organised by the Chaos Computer Club. The camp presents itself as "an international, five-day open-air event for hackers and associated life-forms". FSFE will be present with an own village throughout the days to welcome every interested person, friend and sustaining members. The village will offer promotion material, merchandise and contact with people from the FSFE. You can use the village as a meeting point, to hangout or to have a chat about current activities as well as your own ideas. You will find power supply and ethernet connectivity as well. You can also use our village for a self-organised session, please contact to plan any activity.

DebConf15 in Heidelberg, Germany

15 to 22 August 2015

DebConf is the annual Debian developers meeting, an event filled with discussions, workshops and coding parties – all of them highly technical in nature. DebConf15, the 16th Debian Conference, will be held from the 15th to the 22nd of August 2015 at Heidelberg International youth hostel in Heidelberg, Germany. FSFE will be there with a booth at the weekend of 15th to 16th August.

Monthly Fellowship meeting in Vienna, Austria

21 August 2015

This month, the Vienna Fellowship meeting will be in the Metalab, located in the Rathausstraße 6 in the 1st district of Vienna. We'll be there from 18:00, with agenda related discussions starting at 19:00. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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