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European Commission responds to the FSFE's information request for Horizon 2020

17 February 2017:

The European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation responds to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request about the use, development and release of software under Horizon 2020 - submitted by the FSFE on January 9, 2017.

Berlin sends a message for "I love Free Software" day

14 February 2017:

In celebration of the "I love Free Software" day on February 14, the Berlin Reichtag has been illuminated with the message "Give Free Software A Chance" last weekend. On numerous buildings and symbolic places in Berlin other messages have been projected. "Build Free Software - Not Walls" could have been read on the Berlin Wall, and the Federal Ministry of Finances has been decorated by the slogan "Public Money, Public Code". Thereby, activists draw attention to the importance of larger appreciation of Free Software.

European Free Software Policy Meeting 2017

14 February 2017:

Building on the experience from last year's successful pre-FOSDEM meeting, the Free Software Foundation Europe and OpenForum Europe recently continued the tradition of bringing together active Free Software groups a day before the FOSDEM event, in order to discuss public policy related actions at both the EU and the national levels. This year, the meeting focused on encouraging exchanges of views between individual citizens and decision-makers, by providing practical first-hand information on topics relating to Free Software in public policy.

I love Free Software Day 2017

09 February 2017:

It's time to say "thank you" on 14th of February, the "I love Free Software" Day 2017. The Free Software Foundation Europe asks all Free Software users to use the traditional day of love to think of the hardworking people contributing to the Free Software we all depend on. As every year there are many ways for people to participate in this campaign.

Report of FSFE's assembly during the Chaos Communication Congress

27 January 2017:

The Chaos Communication Congress is Germany’s biggest annual meetup of hackers and political activists. This year has been the 33rd edition ("33C3") and FSFE has been present with an assembly, a booth and 21 sessions about Free Software. Read a visual report of our activities along some pictures by Erik Albers.

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Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main - Talk: Public Money, Public Code

01 March 2017

On Wednesday, 1 March, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in "Zentrale Coworking" in Frankfurt to attend a talk by Max Mehl titled "Public Money, Public Code". We will meet there around 19:00 h, the talk will start at 19:30.

Lightning Talk at the "Business Treff Open Data Day" at Wien in Vienna, Austria

03 March 2017

Simon from the local group Linz will be giving a lightning talk about Free Software business models and how they relate to Open Data at the Business Treff Open Data Day organized by the Vienna Business Agency.

Fellowship meeting BNL in Utrecht, The Netherlands

18 March 2017

On 18 March, The Fellowship group BNL will meet at Kranenburg Praktijkonderwijs in Utrecht, with Linux user group NLLGG. We will meet there around 11:00.

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