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Convocamos a participação na primeira cimeira da FSFE, o FSFE summit

28 April 2017:

Em 2016, a FSFE está comemorando 15 anos de existência. O que começou como um pequeno grupo de voluntários tem crescido até se converter num movimento à escala europeia com membros que o apoiam activamente em mais de 20 paises. Dedicamos este aniversário para a nossa comunidade, a quem nos fez crescer forte nos últimos 15 anos - com a celebração da primeira cimeira da FSFE, o FSFE summit, do 2 ao 4 de setembro, a ter lugar no Centro de Congressos de Berlim, Alemanha. Se você gosta de ser parte dela, reserve a data e leia a convocatória para a participación.

And the winner of the election for FSFE's Fellowship GA seat is ...

25 April 2017:

… Daniel Pocock! The election period for this year's Fellowship GA seat has ended on April 24, 2017. FSFE is proud to have such an interested and active community to have had seven outstanding candidates who were running for office this time. Now, Daniel Pocock is happy to take over the GA's Fellowship seat from former representative Nicolas Dietrich.

Digital-o-Mat: Campaigning for freedom in the state elections of North Rhine-Westphalia

19 April 2017:

North Rhine-Westphalia is Germany's most populated state which is having its next general elections on May 14, 2017. For this election, a "coalition of Free knowledge" developed for the first time a "Digital-o-Mat". The "Digital-o-Mat" is a tool to help those voters who are concerned about digital rights and freedoms, to decide about which party to vote for. Therefor, eight questions guide any user to choose his own preferences on important topics about the digital society - like questions about the use of Free Software, Open Data or Open Educational Resources. After filling them out, a user will see which party matches best with his own preferences and he can additionally browse detailed explanations on the party's positions.

Fellowship elections 2017 with eight candidates

29 March 2017:

According to our constitution, two seats in the General Assembly are reserved for elected representatives of our Fellows. They serve two-year terms and one seat is up for re-election every year. The current representatives are Nicolas Dietrich and Mirko Boehm; Nicolas's term is coming to an end and his seat will be up for re-election this April.

The election period runs from April 10 to April 24, 2017, with eight candidates eligible for election. The list of candidates, along with their manifestos and background, can be found at the election wiki page.

In addition, a moderated hustings will be held on March 30, 5:30 PM UTC to 7:30 PM UTC in #fsfe at Detailed schedule and instructions may be found at the election wiki page.

All orderly Fellows eligible to vote will also receive detailed voting instructions by e-mail in due course.

Input about Free Software for German OGP action plan published

28 March 2017:

Today the civil society "working group OGP (Open Government Partnership) Germany" (Arbeitskreis OGP Deutschland) published its input for a German OGP action plan. The goal of the Open Government actions is to increase transparency, citizen friendlyness, reporting, and effectiveness of governments and administrations. The input, which was already handed over to the German Government on 20 March, consists of 30 Open Government topics, including a section about Free Software.
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FSFE booth at OpenTechSummit in Potsdam, Germany

25 May 2017

Erik Albers, FSFE's Community and Communication Coordinator, will give the opening speech at the Open Tech Summit 2017 about "The Digital-o-Mat or how to set Free Software as a topic for democratic elections". The FSFE will also be present with a booth. Open Tech Summit is a conference about technological developments and Free Software.

OpenExpo in Madrid, Spain

01 June 2017

OpenExpo is an Annual Conference about Free Software and Open Data that will happen on June 1, 2017 in Madrid. The Free Software Foundation Europe will be present with a booth to inform visitors about the organisation and its work.

MAKER FAIR Berlin in Berlin, Germany

10 to 11 June 2017

IT-tinkering is only possible with Free Software, that's why FSFE is going to be present with an information and merchandise booth on MAKER FAIR BERLIN at the weekend of 10th and 11th of June 2017. On Saturday, MAKER FAIR is open for school classes and their teachers, free of charge. MAKER FAIR is a come-together of makers and visitors interested in various DIY-ideas. At FSFE’s booth, visitors can inform themselves about Raspberry Pi as a computer for standard applications especially suitable for education, about how to ‘free’ Android-Smartphones and about email-encryption.

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