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FSFE's work in 2014

18 December 2014:

We shape tomorrow's world by what we do today. FSFE helps people to understand how technology affects their rights and freedoms, and empowers them to determine their own path in the digital world. See what we achieved in 2014, and where we're going next!

Happy Birthday April!

18 December 2014:

April, France's leading Free Software advocacy organisation, was founded 18 years ago today.April was set up in December 1996 by students in a Paris university as a not-for-profit group to promote Free Software in computer science research.

Study: To ensure transparency, European Parliament must adopt Free Software, Open Standards

12 December 2014:

A study relesead on Friday says that the European Parliament must adopt Free Software and Open Standards in order to fulfil its transparency obligations. The authors conclude that "the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament should whenever possible make Free Software and Open Standards mandatory for all systems and data used for the work of Parliament."

Akıllı kart ile güvende olun ve FSFE'nin 2015'deki çalışmalarını destekleyin

03 December 2014:

Avrupa Özgür Yazılım Vakfı (FSFE) tüm Avrupa'yı kapsayan bir vakıftır, 2001 yılında kullanıcıların teknolojiyi denetlemelerini güçlendirmek amacıyla kurulmuştur. Vakfın Avrupa Komisyonu'ndaki çalışmalarını yoğunlaştırmak ve daha fazla insanı Özgür Yazılım'dan haberdar kılmak üzere, FSFE'nin 2015'teki çalışmaları için 190.000€'ya ihtiyacı var. Gelecek yıl, FSFE, toplumumuzun bünyesine yazılım özgürlüğünü daha fazla örmek için daha da fazla çaba gösterecek.

[Blog] FSFE comments at European Parliament's DG ITEC conference

20 November 2014:

At a meeting in the European Parliament, FSFE's president Karsten Gerloff highlighted several ways in which the Parliament could become more transparent, and make better use of Free Software and Open Standards.

In a short intervention, he urged the Parliament to finally make its live streams accessible to Free Software users. He asked the Parliament's IT administration to enable IMAP access on its mail servers to allow Free Software users to connect through standard protocols, and warned the Parliament to avoid lock-in as it progresses towards greater digitisation.


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Monthly Fellowship meeting in Vienna, Austria

19 December 2014

This month, the Vienna Fellowship meeting will be in the Metalab, located in the Rathausstraße 6 in the 1st district of Vienna. We'll be there from 18:00, with agenda related discussions starting at 19:00. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

07 January 2015

On Wednesday, 7 January, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Café Albatros in Frankfurt. We will meet there around 19:00 h.

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