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#ilovefs Report 2018

08 March 2018

On Wednesday 14th of February, our community celebrated the annual "I love Free Software Day". A day to declare love to the communities most important to you as well as saying "Thank You" to the Free Software projects surrounding us every single day. The Free Software Foundation Europe also wants to thank everyone who cheered and contributed to make this day as special as it could be.

Ask Your Candidates: Italian parties offer progress towards the use of Free Software in public entities

02 March 2018

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) publishes the results of the Ask Your Candidates campaign that FSFE Italy did run for the Italian election. Multiple questions have been sent to the major political parties that run for office in the national elections on March 4. We received positive statements by "Movimento 5 Stelle", "Liberi e Uguali", "Partito Democratico" and "Potere al Popolo". Unfortunately, there have been no answers by "+Europa", "Forza Italia", "Fratelli d'Italia" and "Lega Nord".

FSFE Italy asks political parties about their positions on Free Software

19 February 2018

In light of the upcoming elections in Italy on March 4th, the FSFE country team Italy sent out multiple questions to the participating parties to challenge them on their position about Free Software in public administration and education. We will publish and analyse their answers once we receive them.

European Free Software Policy Meeting 2018: more joint activities important for Free Software in Europe

15 February 2018

Following the well-established tradition of gathering active Free Software groups before FOSDEM kicks off, the FSFE once again partnered up with OpenForum Europe for the third edition of European Free Software Policy Meeting in Brussels, the heart of European decision-making.

Συμμετάσχετε στη "Μέρα Αγάπης για το Ελεύθερο Λογισμικό"

12 February 2018

Στις 14 Φεβρουαρίου, το Ευρωπαϊκό Ίδρυμα Ελεύθερου Λογισμικού (FSFE) σας καλεί να πείτε "Ευχαριστώ" σε όλες και όλους που συνεισφέρουν στο Ελεύθερο Λογισμικό. Το προηγούμενο έτος, η Μέρα Αγάπης για το Ελεύθερο Λογισμικό συνοδεύτηκε από μη-διαδικτυακό ακτιβισμό ώστε να ενημερώσουμε ανθρώπους εκτός του κύκλου μας για τη σημασία του Ελεύθερου Λογισμικού. Αυτή την Τετάρτη, επιστρέφοντας στις ρίζες μας, θα εστιάσουμε στο γιατί έχει αυτή η μέρα δημιουργηθεί: για τον εορτασμό όλης της κοινότητας του Ελεύθερου Λογισμικού.
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Public Money Public Code at Merge-it in Turin, Italy in Turin, Italy

24 March 2018

"Merge-it" is an italian conference that links all communities about digital freedom, around many aspects such as Free Software and Open Source. FSFE will be present with a session about Public Money Public Code campaign and the state of its implementation in Italy and EU. No entrance fee and no registration. Pass by for a chat and get to know the people behind the FSFE.

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