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FSFE releases refreshed set of REUSE practices and a tool to help developers comply

19 December 2017

The REUSE Initiative has received an updated set of practices that simplify the process of declaring copyright and licence information. To help facilitate developers with updating their projects, the FSFE has also published a tool that verifies whether a project is compliant.

Radio Lockdown: Current Status of Your Device Freedom

12 December 2017

For more than two years the Free Software Foundation Europe has worked on the issue of Radio Lockdown introduced by a European directive which may hinder users to load software on their radio devices like mobile phones, laptops and routers. We have informed the public and talked to decision makers to fix critical points of the directive. There is still much to do to protect freedom and IT security in our radio devices. Read about the latest proceedings and the next steps.

Equip yourself for 2018: Get FSFE's new t-shirt celebrating the 100 freedoms of Free Software!

11 December 2017

Wear this t-shirt as an icebreaker to explain binary counting and Free Software to your friends—and look good doing it!

FSFE Yearly Report 2017

07 December 2017

The yearly report of the Free Software Foundation Europe gives you a breakdown in one document of important things we have done and achieved during the last 12 months. Read on to find out about our activities, the campaigns we have run, the events we have visited or organised, the groups we have helped, and what resources we counted on to do it.

Dutch government publishes large project as Free Software

06 December 2017

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations released the source code and documentation of Basisregistratie Personen (BRP), a 100M€ IT system that registers information about inhabitants within the Netherlands. This comes as a great success for Public Code, and the FSFE applauds the Dutch government's shift to Free Software.
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FSFE The Netherlands Community Meeting in Utrecht, The Netherlands

20 January 2018

The FSFE Netherlands team is meeting in Utrecht to look back at past events from T-Dose 2017 and to look forward to 2018, including FOSDEM as well as everything else. We meet in Kranenburg Praktijkonderwijs, Tamboersdijk 9, 3582 TZ, Utrecht from 10:30-11.00 as part of day of NLLGG Dutch Linux user group meeting.

Give it away! Game-Launch im Rahmen von Game ON Stage Reloaded

27 January 2018

Am 27.01.2018 findet um 18:00 Uhr im FFT Düsseldorf, Juta, Kasernenstraße 6, 40213 Düsseldorf, in Kooperation mit der FSFE ein Gespräch rund um Games, Theater und Freie Lizenzen statt. Die FSFE wird an diesem Abend durch Dr. Michael Stehmann vertreten, der etwas über Lizenzen Freier Software und Freie Lizenzen sonstiger Werke erzählen wird, sowie für das anschließende Gespräch zur Verfügung steht.

FOSDEM 2018, Brussels, Belgium

03 to 04 February 2018

FOSDEM, Europe's largest Free Software conference, takes place on February 3 and 4 at Campus Solbosch of Free University Brussels (ULB). Admission is free.
As usual, FSFE is present with a booth and presents latest news from its work, a wide range of information material, stickers, and postcards, and of course the latest FSFE fashion.

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