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Your input wanted: How do we build a better future?

01 August 2014:

Free Software has progressed in leaps and bounds since we founded FSFE in 2001. But we still have a long way to go until we can all be in control of our computing, our data, and our digital lives.

[Blog] Report from our German speaking team meeting 2014

11 July 2014:

From 13 – 15 June 2014 FSFE had its German speaking team meeting in the Linuxhotel in Essen. The participants had some problems to travel there because of the chaos resulting from a heavy thunderstorm in the region. A lot of train lines where not functional, and the situation on the streets was also chaotic. But just because no ICE trains stop in Essen does not mean we will not continue our work for Free Software. In the end we were able to bring all volunteers to the Linuxhotel to plan further activities and discuss current issues.

EC distorts market by refusing to break free from lock-in

08 July 2014:

The European Commission has recently renewed its commitment to a proprietary desktop and secret file formats.The Commission is refusing to get serious about breaking free from vendor lock-in, and is ignoring all available alternatives. In doing so, the EU's civil service fails to practice what it preaches.

[Blog] Le guide d'autodéfense courriel de la FSF maintenant disponible en 6 langues

30 June 2014:

Aujourd'hui notre organisation-sœur, la FSF, a publié son guide d'autodéfense courriel et son infographie en 6 nouvelles langues. Ils sont maintenant disponibles en anglais, allemand, portugais brésilien, français, russe, turc et japonais. Ils y expliquent l'installation des outils nécessaires pour chiffrer son courriel sous GNU / Linux, MacOS, et Microsoft Windows ; la génération de clés ; la toile de confiance ; ainsi que l'utilisation de ces programmes. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est un ordinateur connecté à Internet, un compte de messagerie, et une demi-heure. Faites-nous part de vos commentaires, afin que nous puissions les prendre en compte avant d'imprimer les infographies, et parlez-en autour de vous.

FSFE: 33 Free Software Pact supporters elected to the European Parliament

28 May 2014:

The European elections have brought 33 Free Software supporters into the new European Parliament. Candidates across the political spectrum signed the Free Software Pact, promising to support Free Software and Open Standards during their time in Parliament. Out of 162 signatories, 33 were elected

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Rencontre de la Fellowship Rhin/Main, Allemagne

03 September 2014

mercredi 3 septembre, la Fellowship de la zone Rhin/Main se rencontrera au Weinhaus Stegmann à Aschaffenburg. La rencontre se fera aux alentours de 19:00 h.

FSFE at the Internet Ungovernance Forum

04 to 05 September 2014

On September 4th and 5th, parallel to the IGF2014, there will be held the Internet Ungovernance Forum (IUF) in Istanbul. FSFE officially supports IUF as a bottom-up conference, that likes to "reclaim the Internet as a fundamental infrastructure of our societies". FSFE will help to spread knowledge about the use and importance of Free Software and Open Standards for a Free Society. If you like to meet us, come to our booth.

Rencontre de la Fellowship Rhin/Main, Allemagne

01 October 2014

mercredi 1er octobre, la Fellowship de la zone Rhin/Main se rencontrera au Café Albatros à Frankfurt. La rencontre se fera aux alentours de 19:00 h.

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