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FSFE is looking for an intern for Document Freedom Day

17 October 2014:

Every year, the FSFE is organising the "Document Freedom Day", a global campaign to highlight the importance of Open Standards for our freedom of communication, interoperability and indepedence from vendor lock-in. For this campaign, FSFE's Berlin office is looking for an Intern PR / Campaigning in full time from January 1st until March 31st.

Les consommateurs italiens ne devraient pas avoir à payer pour un logiciel qu'ils ne veulent pas – Lettre aux autorités de régulation

17 October 2014:

La FSFE et l’association italienne de consommateurs ADUC, avec le groupe italien ILS, demandent aux organismes de régulation à prendre des mesures concrètes pour protéger les Italiens contre l’obligation de payer pour des logiciels qu’ils ne veulent pas ou n’ont pas besoin. La Haute Cour de l’Italie a rendu une décision en Septembre que les fournisseurs informatiques doivent rembourser les consommateurs pour le prix des logiciels payants indésirables qui sont livrés pré-installés sur les PC et ordinateurs portables. Aujourd’hui, la FSFE, l’ADUC et l’ILS ont envoyé une lettre aux autorités italiennes de la concurrence, leur demandant de s’assurer que les fournisseurs se conforment à la décision de la Haute Cour, et de respecter les droits de leurs consommateurs.

Munich sticks with Free Software

16 October 2014:

On Tuesday, Munich's first mayor finally reacted to an inquiry by the Green Party (in German) related to rumours regarding a possible switch back to a Windows-based desktop environment. The answer to the inquiry shows that there is no factual basis for the claims made by first mayor and second mayor. An evaluation of the IT infrastructure and -processes is underway. FSFE calls on the city council to include vendor independence as well as interoperability as factors in the investigation, since they were central reasons for Munich to switch to Free Software in the first place.

Italie : la Haute Cour flingue la taxe Windows

12 September 2014:

En Italie la Cour de Cassation a frappé un grand coup dans la pratique consistant à imposer des logiciels non-libres aux acheteurs de PC et ordinateurs portables. Selon La Repubblica, la Cour a rendu un jugement par lequel un acheteur d'ordinateur portable est habilité à être remboursé le prix de la licence Windows de son ordinateur.

[Blog] Report from our German speaking team meeting 2014

11 July 2014:

From 13 – 15 June 2014 FSFE had its German speaking team meeting in the Linuxhotel in Essen. The participants had some problems to travel there because of the chaos resulting from a heavy thunderstorm in the region. A lot of train lines where not functional, and the situation on the streets was also chaotic. But just because no ICE trains stop in Essen does not mean we will not continue our work for Free Software. In the end we were able to bring all volunteers to the Linuxhotel to plan further activities and discuss current issues.

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FSFE booth at T-Dose 2014 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

25 to 26 October 2014

On October 25 and 26, there will be a booth at T-Dose, organised by the T-Dose Foundation in the Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven. T-DOSE is a free and yearly event held in The Netherlands to promote use and development of Open Source Software. During this event Open Source projects, developers and visitors can exchange ideas and knowledge. FSFE will be present with a booth to inform the public about the importance of Free Software.

Fellowshiptreffen in Düsseldorf mit Landtagsabgeordnetem Matthi Bolte

29 October 2014

Das nächste reguläre Fellowshiptreffen in Düsseldorf findet am 29.10.2014 ab 19:30 Uhr im Chaosdorf, Hüttenstr. 25, 40215 Düsseldorf. Als Gast wird Landtagsabgeordneter Matthi Bolte erwartet, der über das Thema OpenNRW sprechen wird. Der offizielle Teil beginnt Um 20:00 Uhr, wer später kommt verpasst also was.

Rencontre de la Fellowship Rhin/Main, Allemagne

05 November 2014

mercredi 5 novembre, la Fellowship de la zone Rhin/Main se rencontrera au Chaos Computer Club à Mannheim. La rencontre se fera aux alentours de 19:00 h.

FSFE booth at FIfFKon2014 in Berlin, Germany

07 to 08 November 2014

On November, 7 and 8, there will be a booth the FIfFKon2014, organised by the "Forum InformatikerInnen für Frieden und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung" in the Technische Universität Berlin. The topics are around the role of Germany and Germany's secret services in the latest past - from Echelon to Prism until Eikonal. FSFE will be present with a booth to inform the public about the importance of Free Software - not just for security issues.

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