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European Free Software Policy Meeting 2016

05 February 2016:

Traditionally, Brussels is the place to go for Free Software enthusiasts and developers at the end of January. During FOSDEM, hundreds of experts talk about their beloved project and discuss the past, present and future of Open Source. It is a great place for meeting like-minded people.

MEPs vote for more Free Software in public sector

28 January 2016:

On 19 January, the European Parliament adopted its own-initiative report "Towards a Digital Single Market" in response to the European Commission's Digital Single Market strategy. FSFE is glad to see that the Parliament took an affirmative attitude and a bolder stance towards the increased use of Free Software and its importance to digital single market.

El Día del Documento Libre a punto de pasar a manos de la Fundación por la Libertad Digital

26 January 2016:

Este 2016, la Fundación del Software Libre de Europa se complace en entregar la organización del Día Internacional del Documento Libre a la Fundación para la Libertad Digital. El Día del Documento Libre es la campaña mundial para la liberación del documento, y el conocimiento de los Estándares Abiertos con actos por todo el mundo. La Fundación para la Libertad Digital es bien conocida por organizar el Día del Software Libre, día internacional para celebrar el Software Libre.

FSFE's input on ICT standards for the Digital Single Market

18 January 2016:

FSFE provided the European Commission input on setting priorities in ICT standards and answered to the public consultation on the adoption of a Priority ICT Standards Plan which has been proposed in the Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy.

La FSFE necesita tu donación para trabajar por el Software Libre en 2016

16 December 2015:

Mucha gente y muchas empresas en nuestra sociedad se benefician del Software Libre. La Fundación Europea del Software Libre (FSFE) empodera a la gente para controlar la tecnología desde el 2001. Para marcar una diferencia en nuestro trabajo, necesitamos 140.000€ en donaciones antes del 31 de enero, de los que ya hemos recibido 60.000€.

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Athens Free Software Monthly Meetup in Athens, Greece

10 February 2016

This is our monthly meetup held in the Athens Hackerspace. At this meetup we will discuss mostly around the two recent events that many community members attended. 32c3 at Hamburg and Fosdem at Brussels. We'll talk about new projects we learned about on these events, highlights and best presentations to watch.

Monthly FSFE Meeting in Zürich, Switzerland

11 February 2016

Themen sind diesmal unter anderem: I love Free Software Day und Document Freedom Day. Ab 18:00. Ort: Limmatstrasse 183. Altbekannte und neue Gäste sind herzlich willkommen (auch Nicht-Fellows). Sollte es sich um die erste Teilnahme an diesem Treffen handeln, wird darum gebeten, sich kurz vor dem ersten Besuch auf der Mailingliste ( vorzustellen.

I Love Free Software Day 2016

14 February 2016

Free Software contributors enable us to use the freedom tools we appreciate every day. Developers, designers, translators, and many more deserve our gratitude. Let's say "thank you" to them on the traditional day of love, Valentine's Day. Unlike usual events IloveFS is an online event only. Have a look at the website to see how you can celebrate with us.

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