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[Blog] Report from our German speaking team meeting 2014

11 July 2014:

From 13 – 15 June 2014 FSFE had its German speaking team meeting in the Linuxhotel in Essen. The participants had some problems to travel there because of the chaos resulting from a heavy thunderstorm in the region. A lot of train lines where not functional, and the situation on the streets was also chaotic. But just because no ICE trains stop in Essen does not mean we will not continue our work for Free Software. In the end we were able to bring all volunteers to the Linuxhotel to plan further activities and discuss current issues.

[Blog] Translations of FSF's email self-defence now available

30 June 2014:

Today our sister organisation, the FSF, published their e-mail self defence guide and their infographic in 6 new languages. It is now available in English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Russian, Turkish, and Japanese. They explain the installation of the necessary programs for e-mail encryption under GNU/Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft Windows; the key generation; the web of trust; as well as the usage of those programs. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection, an email account, and about half an hour. Please give us feedback, so we can include that before printing the infographics, and help us to spread them.

Open Letter to European Commission: Stop DRM in HTML5

06 May 2014:

On today's "Day against DRM", the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) has sent an open letter to the European Commission, asking the EC to prevent Digital Restrictions Management technology from being closely integrated with the HTML5 standard.

FSFE welcomes industry initiative to fund critical Free Software projects

24 April 2014:

Today the Linux Foundation announced the "Core Infrastructure Initiative" to fund and support Free Software projects that are critical to the security of Internet users. The first project to receive funding will be OpenSSL, which is used for secure data transportation by millions of websites. FSFE welcomes this initiative.

Document Freedom Day 2014 Report Published

24 April 2014:

Open Standards were celebrated to the ends of the earth for Document Freedom Day 2014, with 51 events in 22 countries. The campaign for interoperability was enacted from Tokyo to Rio, and Birmingham to Taipei.


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Fellowshipvergadering in Rhein/Main, Duitsland

03 September 2014

Op 3 september organiseert de Fellowshipgroep Rhein/Main haar volgende bijeenkomst. Rond 19:00 uur komen we samen in de Weinhaus Stegmann, Aschaffenburg.

FSFE at the Internet Ungovernance Forum

04 to 05 September 2014

On September 4th and 5th, parallel to the IGF2014, there will be held the Internet Ungovernance Forum (IUF) in Istanbul. FSFE officially supports IUF as a bottom-up conference, that likes to "reclaim the Internet as a fundamental infrastructure of our societies". FSFE will help to spread knowledge about the use and importance of Free Software and Open Standards for a Free Society. If you like to meet us, come to our booth.

Fellowship meeting Zurich

11 September 2014

On September 11th, the local Fellowship group Zurich meets for the next time. The location still has to be found an announced, the topic will be "WeAgree", a Free Software Pact for next years Swiss elections.

Fellowship meeting Munich

12 September 2014

The local Fellowship group Munich meets again to discuss various things like Corso Leopold, FSA14 and more. Every friend of Free Software is invited to come.

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