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Julia Reda, MEP: "Proprietary Software threatens Democracy"

07 September 2016:

Julia Reda ended the QtCon, a conference for the Free Software community, with a closing keynote on, among other things, Free Software in the European Public Sector.

The Document Foundation and the FSFE strengthen their relationship

17 August 2016:

The Free Software Foundation (FSFE) is joining the Advisory Board of The Document Foundation. At the same time, The Document Foundation is becoming an associated organisation of the FSFE.

In Memory of our Friend Elias Diem

09 August 2016:

In the afternoon of Saturday 6 August, our friend and active Fellow Elias Diem passed away. He was on his way back home from a hiking trip with a friend in the Swiss alps. He slipped and fell about 150 meters. His friend tried to rescue him, but it was too late. He died of a heavy head injury at the age of 39.

Free Software Foundation Europe Summit 2016 – Non una conferenza tecnica

04 August 2016:

I sostenitori del Software Libero di tutta Europa si incontreranno a Berlino dal 2 al 4 settembre al FSFE Summit 2016. Oltre a lavorare alla promozione ed all'adozione del Software Libero, celebreremo anche il 15mo anniversario della FSFE.

Compulsory Routers: what customers have to take care of now

25 July 2016:

Up until now, Internet service providers (ISPs) in Germany determined the router users had to use to connect to the Internet. The user had no say in this decision. This changes on August 1. A new law will allow users choose the device that gets installed in their homes. The FSFE wants to ensure everybody knows about their new rights and is asking users to report cases in which ISPs try to avoid the new regulation.
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Prossimi eventi

FSFE Booth at WearFair; Mehr 2016 in Linz, Upper Austria in Linz, Austria

23 to 25 September 2016

WearFai and mehr is the biggest Austrian trade fair for sustainable fashion and lifestyle. The Austrian Team of FSFE is organising an information and trade booth (since our shirts are eco and fairtrade) to inform people about why Software Freedom is essential for digital sustainability and fairness.

Fellowship Treffen Düsseldorf und Umgebung in Düsseldorf, Deutschland

28 September 2016

Treffen der Fellowshipgruppe Düsseldorf und Umgebung ab 19:30 Uhr im Chaosdorf, Hüttenstr. 25, 40215 Düsseldorf

FSFE Booth at LinuxCon + ContainerCon Europe 2016 in Berlin, Germany

04 to 06 October 2016

FSFE will be present with a booth in LinuxCon+ContainerCon Europe 2016 in Berlin, a big event where developers, sys admins, architects and all levels of technical talent gather together under one roof in order to further develop the GNU/Linux platform. If you want to meet with us, then pass by our booth, where you will have the opportunity to engage in interesting discussions, to grab a bunch of stickers and flyers, and why not, to get a new T-shirt or a bag from FSFE's merchandise?!

Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

05 October 2016

On Wednesday, 5 October, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Zum Goldstein in Mainz. We will meet there around 19:00 h.

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