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FSFE submits comments on the European Commission's Digital Single Market strategy

04 November 2015:

The European Commission has set a goal to make the EU's single market fit for the digital age by adopting “A Digital Single Market Strategy” which is aimed at bringing down regulatory barriers between 28 different national markets. According to the Commission, a true Digital Single Market (DSM) can be achieved by taking the following actions:

Zurich Fellows offer Laptops with Libreboot

30 October 2015:

Fellows in Zurich started "Free Computer for Free People", an initiative to offer laptops that run completely on Free Software only. This includes alternative firmware as well as free BIOS. By reusing used hardware, the Zurich Fellows also like to foster a sustainable use of hardware.

FSFE signs association joint letter for terminal device freedom

28 October 2015:

Together with 9 other civil and economic organisations the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) sent a letter to numerous members of the German Bundestag concerning the compulsory routers issue at the present Wednesday. The letter is supposed to highlight the importance of passing the bill for freedom of terminal devices in telecommunication.

Pictures from the FSF's 30th birthday are now available

20 October 2015:

Interview with FSFE Fellow Isabel Drost-Fromm

13 October 2015:

Today is Ada Lovelace Day, a day that aims to raise the profile of women in science, technology, engineering and maths. FSFE happily joins the celebration of Ada Lovelace Day by interviewing Isabel Drost-Fromm - long time FSFE Fellow, member of the Apache Software Foundation and co-founder of Apache Mahout as well as the Berlin Buzzwords conference. Read about Free Software migration, free search engines, Java, Berlin and her advice for your personal contributions.


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Taking the lead: Setting standards for the future

03 December 2015

Jonas Öberg, FSFE's executive director, will give the keynote at FOSSCon Korea, talking about how massive collaboration between individuals and business have shaped the free software environment in recent years, and how this explosion of activity, properly nurished and given the right scaffolding, is an opportunity to shape the standards for free software in the future. FOSSCon Korea is organised by the Korean National IT Industry Promotion Agency.

Incontro mensile della Fellowship a Vienna, Austria

18 December 2015

Questo mese, l'incontro della Fellowship di Vienna si terrà al Metalab, situato in Rathausstraße 6 nel primo distretto di Vienna. Saremo là dalle 18:00, mentre le discussioni in programma inizieranno alle 19:00. Come sempre, questo invito è rivolto a chiunque è interessato alla FSFE o al Software Libero. Ti aspettiamo!

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