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Un limite alle limitazioni tecnologiche

06 May 2015:

Ma tutti noi dipendiamo dalla possibilità di installare o sostituire i programmi che usiamo ogni giorno, per aumentarne la sicurezza, la privacy o la praticità -- oppure semplicemente perché preferiamo usare un altro programma sui nostri apparecchi, siano essi laptop, tablet, telefoni, router, televisori, automobili o altro ancora.

[Blog] Final PDFreaders advertisement squashing

24 April 2015:

We currently wrap-up the PDFreaders campaign, and we need your help to measure our success. Started in 2009 FSFE’s goal with the campaign was to get rid of advertisement for proprietary PDF readers. We focused on the websites of public administrations, and many people helped us gather contact details for over 2000 public websites which advertised non-free software. Many people helped us to contact the public administrations, governments were made aware of it and published guidelines. Until now we know that 772 of the 2110 bugs were fixed, which is a 36% success rate. But for most countries we did not check the status for several months now. That’s why we need your help now to make one final round. We are looking for volunteers who can help us checking websites in their native language, following the step-by-step guide in the blog post.

Statement on changed relations between the FSFE and Kern Sibbald

14 April 2015:

Effective the 6th of March 2015, the FLA between Kern Sibbald and FSFE has been terminated at the request of Kern Sibbald. The FSFE is committed to ensuring to the best of its ability that software remains Free Software, and can only regret that Kern Sibbald in this way chose to terminate the FLA.

Gli Standard Aperti nel mondo

08 April 2015:

Durante il Document Freedom Day in tutto il mondo si parla degli Standard Aperti. Nel 2015 abbiamo reso l'evento ancora più globale con, complessivamente, 63 gruppi che hanno organizzato eventi locali in 31 paesi di 4 contintenti. In tutto il mondo, volontari, sostenuti da organizzazioni internazionali, politici e enti pubblici, si sono uniti alla nostra richiesta di libertà nei documenti. Scopri in questo resoconto cosa è successo durante il Document Freedom Day 2015.

Aufruf zur Auswertung: Kleine Anfrage zum Auswärtigen Amt

01 April 2015:


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Vortrag über das Python-Dokumentationstool Sphinx von Jan Ulrich Hasecke, Düsseldorf, Deutschland

27 May 2015

Das nächste reguläre Fellowshiptreffen in Düsseldorf findet am 27.05.2015 ab 19:30 Uhr wieder im Chaosdorf statt. Jan Ulrich Hasecke wird dabei nicht nur über das Python-Dokumentationstool Sphinx sprechen, sondern unter dem Thema “Undocumented Code is Broken Code oder Dokumentation ist erfolgskritisch!” auch darüber, welchen Stellenwert die Dokumentation in einem Software-Projekt einnehmen sollte. “Documentation Driven Development” ist in diesem Zusammenhang ein Stichwort. Ebenso wird die Frage eine Rolle spielen: “Was kommt nach der Dokumentation?” Um 20:00 Uhr beginnt der offiziell Teil, das Chaosdorf findet sich in der Hüttenstr. 25, 40215 Düsseldorf. Gäste sind bei diesem Treffen wie immer herzlich willkommen.

Fellowship Meeting Rhine/Main, Germany

03 June 2015

On Wednesday, 3 June, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will meet in the Café Albatros in Frankfurt. We will meet there around 19:00 h.

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