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La FSFE sostiene il riconoscimento dei diritti ai propri dati

29 August 2015:

La FSFE sostiene la pubblicazione del User Data Manifesto 2.0, che mira a definire i diritti di base necessari affinché le persone possano controllare i loro dati nell'era di internet. Il manifesto viene pubblicato oggi ed è sostenuto anche da GNOME, KDE,, ownCloud, Spreed, “Terms of Service - Didn’t Read” e X-Lab.

FSFE's role in the Bacula project

17 August 2015:

In April 2015, we announced a change in the relationship between Kern Sibbald and the FSFE owing to the cancellation of the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA) between Kern and the FSFE which previously made the FSFE a fiduciary for copyrights in the Bacula software.

Interview with FSFE Fellow Neil McGovern

04 August 2015:

After some discontinuity, FSFE will start again to interview their sustaining members. This way, we like to show you who we are, where we come from and what we stand for. This month and as the first in our new series, we interviewed Neil McGovern, FSFE from the United Kingdom. Neil has been working in the Open Rights Group and was recently elected as Debian Project Leader (DPL). Read about his role as DPL, his engagement in Free Software as well as on political levels.

16 June 2015:

In an important step towards modernising the EU's copyright laws, the Legal Affairs committee of the European Parliament on Tuesday adopted a report on the Copyright Directive by MEP Julia Reda.

05 June 2015:

On June 16th, the European Parliament's Legal Affairs committee will vote on a report with a number of groundbreaking recommendations for copyright reform.


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FSFE at the Kieler Open Source und Linuxtage in Kiel, Germany

18 to 19 September 2015

On September 18 / 19 are the "Kieler Open Source und Linuxtage", the annual Free Software conference in Kiel, Germany. Dominic Hopf will give a presentation about FSFE's "Free Your Android" campaign and the FSFE will be present with a booth. A good opportunity to meet fellows and the FSFE community. We are looking forward to meet you and answer your questions.

Incontro mensile della Fellowship a Vienna, Austria

18 September 2015

Questo mese, l'incontro della Fellowship di Vienna si terrà al Metalab, situato in Rathausstraße 6 nel primo distretto di Vienna. Saremo là dalle 18:00, mentre le discussioni in programma inizieranno alle 19:00. Come sempre, questo invito è rivolto a chiunque è interessato alla FSFE o al Software Libero. Ti aspettiamo!

FSFE Info-booth organized by Fellowship group Rhine/Main at Rotlintstraßenfest in Frankfurt

19 September 2015

On Saturday, 19 September, the Fellowship group Rhein/Main will inform visitors of the Rotlintstraßenfest in Frankfurt. Stop by and have a chat with us!

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