Legal Structure

The Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) is an international, team-based organisation. Legally, it is set up around a central organisation which can be expanded into other countries in a modular way.

The main association

The main association (Hub) is the central legal body, the core of the Free Software Foundation Europe. All members of the FSFE are members of this association.

This main association provides the legal skeleton to implement the activities of the team.

The association is a charitable, registered association ("e.V.") under German law with the following constitution:

The Chapters

Chapters are modular, local legal bodies of the FSFE, formed by the members of the FSFE from that country and sometimes guest members from other countries. Their main function is to receive deductible donations, where possible.

Chapters are integrated throughout the FSFE with their statutes, giving the national teams of FSFE the freedom and autonomy to address the local issues in the way appropriate for the cultural and social identity in those countries.

The constitution for these chapters is usually found by modifying a "template constitution" in order to fit in with the legal system of that country, aiming for charitable status whenever possible.

That template constitution is also available:

Fully-established Chapters currently exist in