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Sam Tuke


About Sam

Sam devises, executes, and manages international campaigns to promote Free Software and Open Standards. In 2010-12 he coordinated FSFE's UK activities, organising local and national community events, chairing cross-sector public interest meetings, and engaging regularly with members of the British parliament and Home Office. He holds a BA degree in philosophy from University College London (UCL).

He is Campaign Coordinator of Document Freedom Day, which in 2012 included 54 volunteer organised events in 24 countries, 19 languages, and resulted in nearly 100 independent press articles. His other campaigns include 'PDF Readers', 'TheyDontWantYou.To', to which he also contributed design and editorial skills. His background is software engineering, and he continues to work part time as Systems Developer at Free Software cloud storage company ownCloud GmbH. He has been a GNU/Linux user and advocate since 2003.

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