The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop

The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop is held every year to allow legal experts to discuss issues and best practices surrounding Free Software licenses. The Free Software Legal and Licensing Workshop has become the world's premier event for debating, discussing and sharing knowledge around Free Software legal affairs.

In 2015 the workshop took place, once again, in Barcelona on 16-17 April, receiving more than 90 experts from all around the world. Instead of rehashing familiar topics, we looked at what problems we will likely encounter in the next five to ten years. Each day we had two topics to spur interesting debate in the room as well as the hallway. As always, the workshop was held under Chatham House Rule, to encourage an open and unencumbered debate.


This year we held a pre-event on 15 April, called the Open* Day, to explore topics beside software. In particular:

During the workshop, we proposed some activities more stricltly linked to software:

Date and Venue

The next European Legal Network Conference will be held un April 2016 (exact dates to be defined) in Barcelona, Spain.


This is an invite-only event. If you wish to inquire about tickets, please send an e-mail to
Registration fee for the 2016 event will cost approximately 450 EUR.