I ♥ Free Software

This year for the first time, on 14 February 2012, there will be an "I love Free Software" event at the Unperfekthaus in Essen. In cooperation with Linuxhotel we invite all supporters of Free Software to celebrate this day together with us.

We are still in progress of setting up our schedule precisely, but here is a first overview.

Hard facts

When? 14/02/2012 - The whole day. So entrance will be possible from 11a.m. ongoing.

Where? The event will be situated in the Unperfekthaus, Essen.The Unperfekthaus is a building to host free minds at nearly no cost to elaborate ideas and thougts, individual or collective - similar to many Free Software projects.

How Much? Everybody who wants to join our event has to pay normal fee for the Unperfekthaus, but is allowed - of course - to leave our event and to visit the whole Unperfekthaus like usual paying includes.
Here is an overview of the pricing inside the Unperfekthaus, please visit their Homepage (German) for full details:
Every entrance fee includes Coffee, Tea, Cola, Limo, Water, Cacao, and all non-alcoholic drinks ... as many as you like.

What to expect? We are trying to set up an event to which you can bring your family, too. Please, feel free to celebrate Free Software with your whole family and bring them with you! Over the day there will be some workshops and introductions to Free Software and its aspects, mainly hosted by the Linuxhotel. This will give a chance for newcomers to get to know what we are talking about when we say "Free as in Free Software". But there will be some discussions and informations about ongoing projects, unperfekt ideas and so on for experienced Free Software users, too. For an overview of confirmed workshops until now, please take a look at "You like to contribute something?"
You will also have all the possibilies, the entrance fee for the Unperfekthaus includes. So, you can have a massage, drink coffee for free, watch out for any artist project and so on.

And my family?

Night entertainment? Beginning from 7 p.m., the following bands (listed in alphabetical order) will be playing live-music without a salary in support of Free Software:

Entrance to the concert is included in the main entrance fee.

You like to contribute something?

Maybe you would like to hold a speech or a workshop? Or you would like to present your own Free Software product or the one you love the most? Please contact us at fellowship at fsfeurope.org that we are able to promote your offer in advance. In addition, there will be a speakers corner for everyone and you schould be able to set up spontaneous workshops or discussion groups.

Following workshops are offered by other participants:

Win a night in the Unperfekthaus ...

The FSFE raffles two beds in a flat share of 16 people inside the Unperfekthaus where you can stay from the 14th of February to the 15th together with the above mentioned bands as wells as the organisers from the FSFE. Anybody who is willing to come is herewith encouraged to announce his coming using any social-media-platform and including the hashtag #ilovefs. afterwards send us an email to fellowship at fsfeurope.org, providing a link to your message. We will raffle the nights among all incoming mails.

#ilovefs Rapport 2015

03 March 2015:

Op zaterdag 14 februari 2015 hebben mensen over de hele wereld hun waardering laten blijken aan zij die bijdragen aan Vrije Software. Het was het vijfde jaar waarin de Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) aan mensen vroeg om deel te nemen aan de 'I Love Free Software'-dag. Dit rapport laat de variëteit aan liefdesverklaringen zien die op deze dag hebben plaatsgevonden, inclusief blogs, afbeeldingen, strips, gedichten en een #ilovefs Android-bibliotheek. De FSFE bedankt iedereen die dit jaar de mensen die bijdragen aan Vrije Software hebben gemotiveerd, en vragen aan iedereen om een notitie te maken op 14 februari in hun kalender voor de 'I Love Free Software'-dag van volgend jaar.

Toon je liefde voor Vrije Software

09 February 2015:

Elk jaar op 14 februari vraagt de Free Software Foundation Europe aan alle gebruikers van Vrije Software om te denken aan de hardwerkende mensen in de Vrije Software-gemeenschap, en hen hun dankbaarheid individueel te tonen op deze "I love Free Software"-dag.

#ilovefs Rapport 2014

21 February 2014:

Op 14 februari lieten mensen over de hele wereld hun dankbaarheid en waardering zien voor hun partner en voor Vrije Software en zij die daaraan bijdragen. Met onze jaarlijkse #ilovefs vroegen we u om uw favoriete ontwikkelaars en projecten te bedanken en we waren overweldigd door de resonantie op blogs, sociale netwerken en e-maillijsten.

Show your love for Free Software

11 February 2014:

On 14th February, the Free Software Foundation Europe asks all Free Software users to think about the dedicated hard-working people in the Free Software community and to show them their appreciation like last year.

#ILOVEFS campaign 2013

21 February 2013:

Every year on February 14th people celebrate love, relationship with others.. and for the third year running, the wonders of Free Software. All around the world people expressed their love during the "I love Free software" day. We would like to thank you for participating, and share some lovely quotes, dents, tweets, blog entries and articles that were done because of your dedication to Free Software. When developers will read your declarations, they will definitely find extra energy to carry on their good work.