I love Free Software Day 2016

In the Free Software society we exchange a lot of criticism. We write bug reports, tell others how they can improve the software, ask them for new features, and generally are not shy about criticising others. There is nothing wrong about that. It helps us to constantly improve. But sometimes we forget to show the hardworking people behind the software our appreciation. We should not underestimate the power of a simple "thank you" to motivate Free Software contributors in their important work for society. The 14th of February (a Sunday this year) is the ideal day to do that.

Show your love for Free Software

Many people are in love with Free Software for different reasons (full gallery)

Free Software drives a huge number of devices in our everyday life. It ensures our freedom, our security, civil rights, and privacy. It enables everyone to participate in a fair society. But as with people, everybody has different reasons to love Free Software. Let's show this variety to the world!

As the traditional day to show one's appreciation to people, Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you to the contributors of the various Free Software you love: developers, translators, designers, testers, or documentation writers, of huge softwares or smaller projects. All of them work on the Free Software ecosystem which we can enjoy every day.

Be part of #ilovefs

It doesn't matter who and where you are and what you do – everyone can participate at the "I love Free Software" day in many different ways:

  • Send some cool videos or pictures of yourself or your friends, a meme image, or something completely different – the main thing is creativity! And with each video and image you automatically participate in our #ilovefs competition. Just tag your media with #ilovefs on Twitter or GnuSocial, or send them to us via mail to win an FSFE shop voucher1. See the pictures of last years for some inspiration.
  • our postcard with the text: I love Free Software - but I love you more

    #ilovefs postcard

  • Thank your favourite contributors for their work in an individual way. For example by sending one of our postcards.
  • Show your appreciation publicly using social networks or your blog to demonstrate the world how many people love Free Software – and thereby motivate others to do the same. Just use the hashtag #ilovefs on GnuSocial, Twitter, or other platforms.
  • You didn't find what you were looking for? No problem, just do something else! Create small chocolate bars, design new promotion material... Find out how to make #ilovefs more unique with your contribution.

If everybody contributes a small part we can enjoy a beautiful "I love Free Software" day together. Let's share videos and pictures, send postcards, tweets and blog posts, and show our love individually. Happy I love Free Software day everyone!

#ilovefs Report 2016

22 February 2016:

Sunday 14 February 2016 was a day to declare love for people we care for. On this day, as a yearly tradition, the Free Software community celebrates "I love Free Software" day to thank developers behind Free Software. This year, for the 6th time, FSFE asked everyone to participate and express their appreciation and gratitude to their favourite Free Software contributors.

I love Free Software Day 2016

08 February 2016:

It's time to say "thank you" on 14th of February, the "I love Free Software" Day 2016. The Free Software Foundation Europe asks all Free Software users to use the traditional day of love to think of the hardworking people contributing to the Free Software we all depend on. As every year there are many ways for people to participate in this online campaign which has first been celebrated five years ago.

Reporte #ilovefs 2015

03 March 2015:

El sábado, 14 de febrero, personas de todo el mundo mostraron su agradecimiento a colaboradores del Software Libre. Fue el quinto año que la Fundación de Software Libre Europa (FSFE) hizo una invitación pública a participar en la campaña "Yo amo el Software Libre". Este informe muestra una variedad de declaraciones de amor que ocurrieron este día, incluyendo blogs, fotos, comics, poemas y una recopilación de #ilovesf Android. La FSFE agradece a todas las personas que motivaron a los colaboradores del software libre en este año; y pide a todo el mundo incluir en su el calendario para el próximo año la celebración del Día "Yo amo el Software Libre".

Muestre su amor por el Software Libre

09 February 2015:

Cada año, el 14 de febrero, la Fundación del Software Libre de Europa pide a todos los usuarios de Software Libre que piensen en las personas que trabajan en la comunidad del Software Libre y que les muestren su aprecio de manera individual en el día de "Amor al Software Libre".

#ilovefs Report 2014

21 February 2014:

On February 14th, people all around the world expressed their gratitude and appreciation not only to their partner but also to Free Software and its contributors. With our yearly #ilovefs we asked you to thank your favourite developers and projects and were overwhelmed by the resonance in blogs, social networks, and mailing lists.

Notices for the competition: We reserve the right to choose multiple winners. The winner(s) get an 25€ FSFE Shop voucher. Everybody may participate in the video and image competition. The competition starts on January 8 2016 and ends on end of February 14 2016. The winner(s) will be elected by an internal FSFE jury. We will contact the winner(s) using the same way they sent their video or image. The winners' contributions will be published online by FSFE but we will never share your full name or more private details if you don't want to.