Public Discussion

FSFE provides some infrastructure to foster public discussion on Free Software topics. Everybody is encouraged to freely state their opinions on these platforms. Please keep the netiquette guidelines in mind. Opinions voiced in the public discussion are not official positions of FSFE. For official statements see our press release lists or contact us on European or local level.

Language Specific

Region Specific

Local Groups Mailing Lists

Internet Relay Chat and XMPP Rooms

We have XMPP-Chat-Rooms where we can meet:

You can also join other Free Software supporters on IRC:


FSFE and many Fellows have started using microblogging services to send status updates and interesting links. Follow the user fsfe on (GNU Social), and Twitter.

We encourage you to use the tags #FreeSoftware, #Fellowship, #IloveFS #PDFreaders, #DFD, etc. in your messages.

Contributor lists

Those are mailing lists for the coordination of our volunteer groups.