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Free Software Foundation Europe at GNU/LinuxTag 2005

"Free as in Freedom"

[Fellowship of FSFE]

This is the Free Software Foundation Europe's central event page for activities related to the GNU/Linuxtag 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

There will be two FSFE booths: A community-oriented one in the Stadthalle (exhibition plan), and a business-oriented one in the Gartenhalle (exhibition plan).

At the Stadthalle booth, FSFE merchandise will be sold. For the first time, there will be Fellowship-themed articles, such as lanyards and stickers hot off the printing press. Of course, a wide range of T-Shirts and other clothing will be available. All proceeds will go towards funding the Free Software Foundation Europe's work.


FSFE would like to recommend these events to you:

Date Time Speaker Subject Type Room
  11:00 Bernhard Reiter Was bedeutet Freie Software? Talk EG: Weinbrenner
  13:00 Bernhard Reiter Kolab2: Eine skalierbare Groupware-Lösung für KDE und Windows Talk EG: Weinbrenner
  11:00 Georg C. F. Greve Freedom in danger: Software patents and other perils Talk UG4: Scheffel
  12:00 Fernanda G. Weiden Free Software with a female touch Talk UG2: Mombert
  12:00 NIIBE Yutaka Porting to m32r Architecture Workshop R 2.05
  13:00 Volker Dormeyer Load Balancing mit Freier Software Talk Community Forum
  10:00 Bernhard Reiter, Georg C. F. Greve Was bedeutet Freie Software? Talk Practical Linux Forum
  12:00 Mario Fux Warum Freie Software in Schulen gehört Talk UG2: Mombert