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Event Archive for 2011

Web Friday @ FSFE

09 December 2011

Want to do something for Free Software? Know some HTML and CSS? Then you can help us make FSFE's website better!

Join us for our regular Web Friday today from 15:00 UTC+1. We'll meet on Jabber (, channel: fellowship) and on IRC (#fsfe on freenode). From 15:00 to 15:30, FSFE's webmasters will explain how the build system for FSFE's website works, and get you all set up.

Afterwards, it's "pick a bug and squash it"! Drop in, enjoy great company, and meet people who are as passionate about Free Software as you are.

Whether today or at any other time, you're always welcome to contribute to the web team's work. Read here to find out how stuff works. We're looking forward to seeing you around!

    “Sustainable IT through Open Standards”, Zurich, Switzerland

    07 December 2011

    On 7 December 2011 at 19:00 Reinhard Müller gives a talk about “Sustainable IT through Open Standards”. The presentation takes place in the ETH Zurich, Building HG (Rämistrasse 101), Room F33.5, and is hosted by [project 21], a student organisation concerned with sustainability. The speech is in German. Admission is free.  

    Fellowship meeting in Manchester

    24 November 2011

    Fellowship meeting at 19.00 in MadLab. Discussion will take place about plans for a community decentralised software hosting project, making use of a local community centre for hosting. All Fellows and non-Fellows are cordially invited to attend.  

    Fellowship meeting in Leipzig

    22 November 2011

    The next Fellowship meeting takes place in Leipzig, 22 November. The meeting starts at 19:30 in sublab , Karl-Heine-Str. 93. Matthias Kirschner, Germany and Fellowship Coordinator will talk about FSFE's work concerning runing and future campaigns.  

    FSFE at WIPO SCCR/23

    21 November – 02 December 2011

    At the 23rd session of WIPO's Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights, FSFE will work with national delegates from around the world to improve conditions for the sharing of knowledge. Negotiations will center on a possible "Broadcasting Treaty", a plan to introduce a new kind of copyright which companies can acquire merely by distributing a movie, image, text or program. Please check the info about this meeting on Copyright and Related Rights.  

      Fellowship Meeting in Hamburg, Germany

      16 November 2011

      In November the Hamburg FSFE Fellows meet at the Roxie, Rentzelstraße 6. We will welcome Matthias Kirschner as a special guest to that Meeting, he will talk about current and planned FSFE activities.

      As usual, you will find more detailed information on the wiki page.

      For regular meetings, we recommend you to have a look at the wiki page and maybe also to subscribe to the mailing list.  

      FSCONS, Gothenburg, Sweden

      11 – 13 November 2011

      FSFE will organise the "Free Software and Politics" track. Want to know more about Free Software on the UN level, in the European Union, and at the local level? Or learn more about FSFE's activities in the education sector or FSFE's campaigns in general? Than this is the track for you. Registration is still possible on, Fellows obtain a 10 Euro discount on the Registration fee.  

      LinuxCon Europe, Prague, Czech Republic

      26 October 2011

      At LinuxCon Europe, FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff will talk about current issues in Free Software policy. The talk will take place at 10:45 in the Taurus room.  

        ContactCon 2011, London

        20 October 2011

        Contact will seek to explore and realize the greater promise of social media to promote new forms of culture, commerce, collective action, and creativity. Technologists, artists, activists, businesspeople, funders, and other stakeholders have been invited to discuss the networked future, and come together to hatch new ideas, connect with new collaborators, and forge an ongoing community for innovating social media and beyond. 

        OpenCores introduction and demonstration, London

        17 October 2011

        Jeremy Bennett will give a presentation on the Free Software and open hardware OpenCores architecture at the BCS Central London Offices, with a talk entitled "Open Source Software Meets Open Source Hardware: OpenCores and the OpenRISC 1000 architecture".  

        Berlin Fellowship meeting

        13 October 2011

        On Thursday, October 13th, at 19:30, the Berlin fellows will meet at the Berlin FSFE office (Linienstrasse 141) for a discussion on various Free Software topics. Come and join us! 

        FLOSS UK Unconference 2011

        08 October 2011

        FSFE will have a booth at the annual conference of FLOSS UK (formerly UKUUG), the UK's oldest Open Systems User Group, will take place at Manchester Conference Centre. 

        10 misunderstandings about Free Software (or are they lies?), Berlin, Germany

        06 October 2011

        Matthias Kirschner will give a talk on common misunderstandings about Free Software, for instance 'You cannot earn money with Free Software', 'You cannot have copyright with Free Software', 'Free Software is only useful for programmers', 'If you change Free Software you have to give your changes to the community', 'The GNU GPL only works in the US'. This event will take place as part of Informatik 2011, organized by the Technische Universität Berlin, in in the TU main building Room H 0112, Straße des 17. Juni, EG, from 10 to 11 a.m.  

        EuropeanaTech conference in Vienna

        04 October 2011

        At the EuropeanaTech in Vienna, a conference about exploring the technical challenges of making digital cultural and scientific information easily accessible for the public, Peter Bubestinger will give a talk titled: "Free Software and Open Formats: virtual immortality and independence for digital archives".

        The conference will take place at the National Library in Vienna. 

        Conference on open innovation in Warsaw, Poland

        27 September 2011

        At the launch conference for a database project on open innovation IT research projects, FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff, FSFE's President, will speak on „Free Software and its role in building an innovative economy”. The event will take place at Pl. Politechniki 1, 00-661, Warsaw, Poland.

        Dan slobodnog softvera 2011.

        17 September 2011

        Dan slobodnog softvera (SFD) međunarodni je dan proslave slobodnog softvera. Njegov cilj je obrazovni - poučiti ljude zašto je slobodan softver najbolji izbor kada se radi o korištenju softvera. SFD, kojeg organizira i koordinira Software Freedom International, poziv je svima na sudjelovanje na lokalnoj razini. 

        Software Freedom Day in Manchester

        17 September 2011

        Software Freedom Day will be celebrated by FSFE Fellows in Manchester at MadLab Hackerspace together with other local Free Software groups. Expect booths and workshops in the afternoon.

        Software Freedom Day in Hamburg, Germany

        17 September 2011

        The Software Freedom Day on 17th of September will also be celebrated in Hamburg in Germany. There will be a program with some talks and several free software projects as exhibitors as well as examinations of the Linux Professional Institute. Everyone is welcome to visit us, no matter if you're beginner or already have some free software knowledge.

        Detailed information in german language can be found at

        SFD Party in Vienna

        17 September 2011

        On Saturday, the 17th of September 2011, Software Freedom Day Events are celebrated all around the world, therefore the Vienna Fellowship is inviting you to a Software Freedom Party. The evening will be opened by a talk about legal aspects in Free Software, held by FSFE's new legal coordinator Matija Šuklje. Following this opening everybody is invited to have a nice evening at the Metalab with us.  

        Monthly Fellowship meeting in Vienna, Austria

        16 September 2011

        This month, the Vienna Fellowship meeting will be in the Metalab, located in the Rathausstraße 6 in the 1st district of Vienna. We'll be there from 18:00, with agenda related discussions starting at 19:00. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

        GNU GPL compliance workshop, Berlin, Germany

        13 September 2011

        Do you wish to learn how to check devices' compliance with GPL specifics and become a volunteer in this important campaign? Armijn of will give a one-day workshop, with an introduction by our lawyers. The event is by invitation only, if you want to participate contact Matthias Kirschner.

        FSFE at the Master on Free Software: September Open Sessions

        09 September 2011

        FSFE will take part at the Master on Free Software: September Open Sessions organized by Igalia. 9-24 September 2011 (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning during three weekends) at Edificio para la Obra Social de Novacaixagalicia, Policarpo Sanz St. number 24-26, Vigo (Spain).

        On the 9th of September, FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff will give a talk about Software patents.

        As a closure of the Master on Free Software the event will include workshops, talks and round tables with experts from the FLOSS world.

        It is open to the public, no admission fee.Registration is required.  

          Berlin Fellowship meeting

          08 September 2011

          On Thursday, September 8th, at 19:30, the Berlin fellows will meet at the Berlin FSFE office (Linienstrasse 141) for a discussion on various Free Software topics. Come and join us! 

          Braderie of Lille, France

          03 – 04 September 2011

          The Braderie of Lille is a popular event every year in the streets of Lille (north of France). Read all the information about the event. FSFE will have a booth there to introduce the general audience to Free Software. Don't hesitate to join us!

          The booth is located Place du Vieux Marché aux Chevaux and will be animated by fellows from France, and also FSFE's President, Karsten Gerloff. If you plan to come and see us, let us know!

          Fellowship Meeting Düsseldorf

          31 August 2011

          The Düsseldorf Fellows will have their monthly meeting at 19:30 at "Brauhaus Fuchsjagd", Gumbertstr. 181, 40229 Düsseldrf-Eller. Karsten Gerloff, President of FSFE, will visit the meeting to answer questions of the Fellows. Guests are welcome!

          Monthly Fellowship meeting in Vienna, Austria

          19 August 2011

          This month, the Vienna Fellowship meeting will be in the Metalab, located in the Rathausstraße 6 in the 1st district of Vienna. We'll be there from 18:00, with agenda related discussions starting at 19:00. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

          FSFE at OggCamp 2011 Surrey, UK

          14 August 2011

          FSFE will have a booth at OggCamp: a free two-day unconference for anyone who loves anything related to technology, data, culture, community, or Free Software.

          Come and meet some Fellows, and pick up some leaflets and merchandise. 

          PDF Readers Sprint in Manchester, UK

          13 August 2011

          Join Free Software advocates on Saturday between 15.00-17.30 at MadLab hackerspace to find and remove UK Government adverts for non-Free PDF Readers. Cake and Pizza provided! 

          Berlin Fellowship meeting

          11 August 2011

          On Thursday, August 11th, at 19:30, the Berlin fellows will meet at the Berlin FSFE office (Linienstrasse 141) for a discussion on various Free Software topics. Come and meet up with a new intern! 

          Slobodna radna računala za europske javne službe

          08 August 2011

          15 milijuna državnih službenika u Europi je ogromna skupina potencijalnih korisnika slobodnog softvera. Danas gotovo ne postoji organizacija koja nema barem nešto slobodnog softvera negdje u svojim sustavima. Ipak tek malobrojni državni službenici imaju priliku koristiti radna računala upravljana slobodnim softverom. Što je prepreka širem uvođenju? Što možemo učiniti kako bismo ubrzali taj proces? I dok postoji nekoliko svijetlih primjera, još se čeka na značajan prodor. Ovo je područje posebno zanimljivo za mala i srednja poduzeća koja čine veliki dio eko-sustava slobodnog softvera.

          Dana 8. kolovoza FSFE-ov predsjednik Karsten Gerloff održat će izlaganje na Desktop Summitu u Berlinu u Njemačkoj. U izlaganju će razmotriti korištenje slobodnog softvera u državnim službama te što je potrebno učiniti kako bi doživio šire usvajanje.  

            Euskal Encounter Bilbao

            22 – 25 July 2011

            FSFE will have a booth at Euskal Encounter, a lan party with some 4.096 attendees. Additionally, there will be talks and an exhibition erea. Any help is welcome. At Sunday, the 24th there will be a Meeting of Fellows and friends at 17:00 at the FSFE booth. We would like to found a Fellowship Group at Basque Country/Cantabria/Galicia.  

            Berlin Fellowship meeting in the C-base

            14 July 2011

            On Thursday, July the 14th, at 19:30, the Berlin fellows will meet at the C-Base (Rungestrasse 20) for a discussion round on various topics. Come and debate with us! 

            FSFE na RMLL-u u Strasbourgu u Francuskoj

            09 – 14 July 2011

            FSFE će od 9. do 14. srpnja na više načina sudjelovati na RMLL-u, jednom od najvećih događanja iz slobodnog softvera u Francuskoj. FSFE će, kao i inače, imati svoj poznati informacijski štand tokom vikenda i kroz tjedan, no ove godine predlaže i neka izlaganja.

            Predsjednik Karsten Gerloff održat će izlaganje Centralizirane internetske usluge i problemi moći (13.7. u 15:20), Francuski koordinator Hugo Roy govorit će o bitci koju vodi slobodan softver za online HTML5 video te je još nekoliko drugih izlagača također pozvano govoriti o temama vezanim uz decentralizaciju Interneta.

            Radujemo se susretu s Vama bilo na štandu, na konferencijama ili na večernjem druženju!  

            Free Software intergroup at the European Parliament

            07 July 2011

            On Thursday July 7, FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff will speak about Free Software to Members of the European Parliament. The presentation together with a representative of APRIL will take place at the first meeting of the Parliament's Intergroup on Free Software and new media in Strasbourg.

              PDFReaders talk at the FISL 2012

              01 July 2011

              Matthias Kirschner, FSFE coordinator for activities in Germany, will present the successful PDFReaders campaign started last Autumn. The concept – removing advertisings for non-free software from public sector organisations' websites – will be explained in detail, as well as the keys to succeed in a similar action.

              The talk will take place in "room 41-A fisl 1" on the 1st of July, at 16:00 in Porto Alegre, Brazil.  

                Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon)

                29 – 30 June 2011

                FSFE will have a booth at this year's OKCon in Berlin, on the 29th and 30th of June. Many international speakers such as Richard Stallman will be present and give talks on open knowledge, open data and Free Software. 

                Fellowship Meeting in Hamburg

                16 June 2011

                With June of this year, the Hamburg Fellows start a new kind of Meeting, where the day in the month and the location may change from month to month. Thus it is important to pay attention on the hints at the Wiki-Page and may also to subscribe to the mailing list.

                The next Meeting of the Hamburg Fellows will take place in the bar Big Easy at Osterstraße 173 in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel.

                Detailed information can be found on the fellowship wiki (german only): 

                Tulum slobode u Ljubljani u Sloveniji

                11 June 2011

                Dođite i proslavite svoju slobodu u Ljubljani! Tokom FSFE-ovog godišnjeg strateškog odmora u slovenskom glavnom gradu, podupiratelji slobodnog softvera će tulumariti s članovima FSFE-ove Generalne skupštine i našim predsjednikom u Cyberpipeu [OpenStreetMap]. Počinjemo u 21:00 i planiramo uživati u živahnoj razmjeni ideja uz piće i ritmove.

                Molimo Vas da nam se javite na kako bismo znali da dolazite. Vidimo se!  

                  Sastanak berlinskih Prijatelja - izlaganje o Unhostedu

                  09 June 2011

                  Za ovomjesečni sastanak Prijatelja Michiel de Jong, s kojim smo nedavno imali intervju, održat će izlaganje o svom projektu: "Unhosted: Kako se slobodan softver može natjecati s današnjim hostanim softverom" (na engleskom). Unhosted je projekt slobodnog softvera od velikog značaja za budućnost osobnih podataka kao i online aplikacija!

                  Pozvani ste poslušati njegovo izlaganje kao i sudjelovati u diskusiji nakon izlaganja. Sastanak je sljedećeg četvrtka, 9. lipnja u 19:30 u c-baseu.

                  Free Software in the public administration - Workshop

                  28 May 2011

                  At the 5th European meeting of Green local councillors in Berlin, Germany, FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff will hold a workshop on Free Software in the public sector. Together with a practicioner from a city that bases its administration on Free Software, Green local councillors from across Europe will discuss how they can make use of Free Software in their own towns.

                  Monthly Fellowship meeting in Vienna, Austria

                  27 May 2011

                  This month, the Vienna Fellowship meeting will be in the Metalab, located in the Rathausstraße 6 in the 1st district of Vienna. We'll be there from 18:00, with agenda related discussions starting at 19:00. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

                  Radionica robotike u Berlinskom uredu

                  22 May 2011

                  U nedjelju 22. svibnja FSFE održava radionicu robotike u svom Berlinskom uredu, Linienstraße 141, 10115 Berlin.

                  Pogonjeni slobodnim softverom ove je robote moguće vrlo lako programirati za pretraživanje sobe, praćenje crne linije na podlozi, izbjegavanje prepreka... Cilj je podučiti sudionike za održavanje takvih prigodnih radionica u školama.

                  Također pogledajte webstranicu freedroidz koju održavaju ljudi iz tarenta, inicijatora i koorganizatora ovog događanja.  

                  OpenTech 2011

                  21 May 2011

                  OpenTech 2011 is an informal, low cost, one-day conference on slightly different approaches to technology, transport and democracy 

                  "Brain Jumble": Slobodan softver, tvrtke i javna uprava

                  19 – 21 May 2011

                  Od četvrtka 19. svibnja do subote 21. svibnja u Settali (Milano, Italija) održava se "Brain Jumble", događanje za veću prisutnost slobodnog softvera u tvrtkama i javnoj upravi. Diego Zanga, član talijanske podružnice FSFE-a, u jutarnjim terminima 19. i 20. svibnja održat će izlaganje za tvrtke "Prednosti korištenja slobodnog softvera za male i srednje velike tvrtke" i izlaganje za javnu upravu "Slobodan softver u javnoj upravi". Događanje se odvija u Giuseppe Verdi 8/c, Settala (MI) od 9:00 do 15:30 sati.  

                  Svjetski dan informacijskog društva

                  17 May 2011

                  Svjetski dan informacijskog društva je globalno događanje posvećeno društvenim promjenama uzrokovanim Internetom i novim tehnologijama. Iskoristite ovu prigodu kako biste druge upoznali s prednostima slobodnog softvera i ovlašćujućim alatima koje može pružiti građanima. Javite nam prijedloge aktivnosti za proslavu ovog dana.

                    Berlinski "Sastanak Prijatelja" @LinuxTag

                    12 May 2011

                    FSFE će imati štand na LinuxTagu u Berlinu. Naravno, svi su pozvani upoznati nas na štandu i porazgovarati s nama. Nadalje, pozivamo sve da nam se u četvrtak, 12. svibnja, pridruže oko 19 sati na zajedničkoj večeri. To će biti naš Sastanak Prijatelja za svibanj.

                    Fellowship Meeting in Augsburg

                    30 April 2011

                    On Saturday 30.04.11 (NOT 23.04. as first announced) at 19:00 the first Fellowship meeting in Augsburg will take place, and you're very welcome to the event! The meeting will be held in the Café Bistro Bismarck, Bismarckstr. 7, 86159 Augsburg. There is no fixed program but many ideas and topics to discuss! We simply want to get together and chat about Free Software.  

                    FSFE na Igniteu u Amsterdamu

                    28 April 2011

                    Na Igniteu Amsterdam 8 FSFE-ov predsjednik Karsten Gerloff prezentirat će zamisao slobodnog softvera te će objasniti zašto je sloboda bitna u digitalnom društvu. Ignite će se odvijati u Mediamatic Bank, Vijzelstraat 68, 1017 HL Amsterdam. Vrata su otvorena od 20:00.

                    Ulaznica košta 7€ (za studente 50% popusta, a za 65+ slobodan ulaz).

                    Fellowship meeting in FSFE's Berlin Office

                    14 April 2011

                    On Thursday, April the 14th, at 7:30 p.m., the Berlin fellows will meet at FSFE's Berlin office (Linienstraße 141) for a discussion round on various topics. Come and debate with us! 

                    Free Software Workshop in Würzburg

                    09 April 2011

                    At this year's "Landesjugendkongress", organised by the youth wing of the German Green Party, Björn Schießle will hold a workshop about Free Software. The workshop will take place in Würzburg, Germany.  

                    "Linuxtage" in Graz, Austria

                    09 April 2011

                    At the annual all-day event in Graz, lots of presentation talks and information booths offer visitors the possibility to catch up on information about GNU/Linux, Free Software and related projects. The event location is the FH Joanneum and the event is an absolute 'must see' for everyone interested in those topics.
                    FSFE will be present with a information booth, and Peter Bubestinger holds a speech titled "Free Software and art(ists): Here be dragons!"  

                    Fellowship meeting in Manchester, UK

                    07 April 2011

                    Manchester's first local Fellowship meeting takes place this Thursday at 19.00, and the first Thursday of each following month! All Fellows and non-Fellows are cordially invited to attend MadLab, who have generously agreed to host us. This initial meeting will be used to plan topics and activities for future meetings.

                    Conference about Free Software organised by the SPD in Berlin

                    07 April 2011

                    A public conference and panel discussion about Free Software will be hosted by Germany's SPD party. The meeting takes place (in German) at the Bundesparteizentrale, Wilhelmstraße 141 / Ecke Stresemannstraße, at 7 p.m.

                    Bernhard Reiter, an experienced & long-standing FSFE member will deliver a speech, the theme of the event is "Cost-effectiveness improvement through Free Software implementation". Nicolas Jean will attend with further information materials.

                    Earn Money With Free Software

                    31 March 2011

                    "You are a software company or start-up in this field and wish to have an overview of your possibilities to earn woney with Free Software?". This question is the starting point of the "Earn Money With Free Software" conference, organised by the Technologiestiftung Berlin. They want to bring many people with different backgrounds to offer a large panel of answers. FSFE Co-founder Georg Greve and FSFE current President Karsten Gerloff, among others, will hold talks there starting at 6 p.m. For more information and registration, please see this page.  

                      FSFE's 10th Birthday, Berlin, Germany

                      31 March 2011

                      FSFE is getting 10 years this month. A good age to celebrate with you. In Berlin we start on Thursday evening at 21:00 in the C-Base, Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin (S+U Jannowitzbrücke). All Free Software supporters are invited to join the party. Please send a short e-mail to Matthias Kirschner, so we know how many people to expect.  

                      Document Freedom Day party in Munich

                      30 March 2011

                      In Munich on March 30? Come and celebrate Document Freedom Day with us at Café Netzwerk, Luisenstr. 11, 80333 München (U-Bahn: Königsplatz). Starting at 18:30, there will music, short talks from FSFE's President Karsten Gerloff, Florian Effenberger of the Document Foundation, and others, and a good time for all!

                      If you're coming, please drop us a mail at Registration isn't required, but we'd like to have a rough idea of how many people will attend. Further information is available here.  

                      Sastanak Prijatelja u Augsburgu, Njemačka

                      26 March 2011

                      Nakon Linux-Infotaga u Augsburgu, Prijatelji iz regije sastat će se u restoranu Alt-Athen gdje će se također odvijati i društveni dio Linux-Infotaga. Srdačno pozivamo sve Prijatelje. Ako se želite pridružiti, pronađite FSFE-ov tim na štandu do 16:00 kako bismo dovoljno rano mogli napraviti rezervacije za restoran. 

                      10. Linux-Infotag, Augsburško sveučilište primijenjenih znanosti, Njemačka

                      26 March 2011

                      FSFE je prisutan s informativnim štandom s artiklima za prodaju na desetom Linux-Infotagu Augsburg. Björn Schießle će održati izlaganje o budućim izazovima za slobodan softver. Događanje se održava 26. ožujka 2011. od 9:30 do 17:30 sati na informacijsko-tehnološkom fakultetu Augsburškog sveučilišta primijenjenih znanosti. Ulaz slobodan. 

                      Izlaganje na CeBIT-u

                      03 March 2011

                      FSFE-ov predsjednik Karsten Gerloff održat će izlaganje na CeBIT-u, Hannover, Njemačka. Govorit će o "Slobodi, softveru i moći" 3. ožujka u 15:30. Izlaganje će se održati u dvorani 2, paviljon F40.

                      FSFE na festivalu otvorenih dokumenata

                      24 – 25 February 2011

                      Članovi FSFE-ovog britanskog tima će sudjelovati na prvom festivalu kompatibilnosti ODF-a u Ujedinjenom Kraljevstvu u Maidenheadu blizu Londona. Cilj ovog događanja je poboljšati interoperabilnost među ODF implementacijama i diskutirati o novim i predloženim značajkama ODF specifikacije. 

                      Monthly Fellowship meeting in Berlin, Germany

                      10 February 2011

                      The Berlin Fellowship group will meet in the Berlin office of FSFE, in the Linienstr. 141, 10115 Berlin. We'll be there from 19:30. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

                      FSFE na FOSDEM-u 2011.

                      05 – 06 February 2011

                      5. i 6. veljače FSFE će sudjelovati na FOSDEM-u na ULB-ovom kampusu Solbosch, Bruxelles, Belgija. Kao i svake godine, radujemo se mnogim izvrsnim sastancima i diskusijama kao i dobrom provodu. FSFE će imati zajednički štand s projektom GNU. Karsten Gerloff će pričati o "Moći, slobodi i softveru", dok će Matthias Kirschner, Koordinator FSFE-ovih prijatelja, održati diskusiju o kampanji PDFreaders.

                      Free Software policy in Europe - University of Trento

                      26 January 2011

                      At a seminar (it) held in the Faculty of Sociology of the University of Trento, Italy, FSFE's president Karsten Gerloff will discuss policy issues relating to Free Software and Open Standards in Europe and around the world. His talk will take place Room 9, from 4pm. to 6pm. The event is open to the public.

                      Fellowship meeting in Zurich, Switzerland

                      20 January 2011

                      A Fellowship meeting takes place on 18 November 2010 in Zurich. We meet at 18:30 in the ID-Lounge, Stampfenbachstrasse 69. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!  

                        Monthly Fellowship meeting in Berlin, Germany

                        13 January 2011

                        This month, the Berlin Fellowship group will meet in the Berlin office of FSFE, in the Linienstr. 141, 10115 Berlin. We'll be there from 19:30. As usual, this invitation is for everyone interested in the FSFE or Free Software. We're looking forward to seeing you there!