News Archive for 2001

"Freedom, Quality and Fraternity" OLinux interview iwth Georg C. F. Greve

  • 17 December 2001

"[...] Keep on spreading the word. What we do today will influence the future of mankind for the next 200 years to come - we have to make sure that people understand the issues of Free Software and the importance of freedom. [...] Freedom counts! "  

FSF Europe appoints new Vice President

  • 28 November 2001

Jonas Oberg was appointed new Vice President of the FSF Europe: "The future of Free Software depends a lot on what we do today. I plan to work to preserve the ability to use and develop Free Software in all of its forms, for example by helping to extend the efforts already underway against software patents and helping the media, government and companies understand the underlying issues of Free Software."  

We Speak about Free Software

  • 19 November 2001

Launch of the "We speak about Free Software" campaign: There are compelling reasons to think and speak about Free Software and its philosophy. It is rather common knowledge this applies to society as a whole, but it has not yet been widely understood that it benefits companies, as well. Therefore the FSF Europe launches this campaign on behalf and with support of several Free Software companies.  

FSF Europe receives charitable status in Germany

  • 20 September 2001

FSF Europe e.V. (the central association) receives confirmation of its charitable status in Germany by the authorities.

Georg Greve talks about "Copyright in the internet age"

  • 26 August 2001

Slides (in German) available at

Richard Stallman inaugurates Free Software Foundation-India

  • 20 July 2001


FSF Europe in German magazine

  • 16 July 2001

The FSF Europe is mentioned in the German magazine FOCUS issue 29/2001, page 106 in a story about the GNU/LinuxTag.

FSF Europe at LinuxTag and Libre Software Meeting

  • 29 June 2001

The FSF Europe will be present at the LinuxTag and Libre Software Meeting for the first time. Please see the press release for additional information.  

FSF Europe general assembly is over

  • 07 May 2001

The FSF Europe general assembly is over. See the press release and photos by Olivier Berger and photos by Peter Gerwinski.  

Free Software Foundation Europe finishes founding process

  • 24 April 2001


First general assembly of the Free Software Foundation Europe

  • 24 April 2001