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Are you ready for ‘I Love Free Software Day’ 2024?


Every year, on 14 February, the FSFE, together with Free Software organisations around the globe, celebrates “I Love Free Software Day”: a special day of appreciation to all the contributors to Free Software projects, large or small.

A DJ playing at ILoveFS Day 2023 at c-base, in Berlin

As Free Software powers the tools we use every day, we want to create an occasion to celebrate the ones making it happen! Whether they are developers, system administrators, community moderators, reviewers, enthusiasts, there are many incredibly passionate people working behind the scenes to make the world a better place, one string at a time.

We celebrate those who advocate for Free Software and those who support it in any other way, and we show our appreciation to the countless contributors to software freedom. We also take this opportunity to promote Free Software, software that is free to use, to understand, to improve, and to share.

We strongly believe that the Free Software communities are a friendly and welcoming place. We all strive to be excellent to each other! On the “I Love Free Software Day” we share our appreciation and love for Free Software with those around us. A simple “Thank you” motivates others to keep contributing, encourage new people to join, and form a friendly and welcoming community. A simple “Thank you” is enough to share your appreciation for Free Software and its contributors. Join the “I Love Free Software Day 2024: Forging the future with Free Software” and share your appreciation for Free Software.

For the “I Love Free Software Day 2024: Forging the future with Free Software”, we want to focus on engaging the young generation in Free Software as they are the ones who will shape the future. Therefore, we invite you to organise an event aimed at younger people to highlight their contributions to Free Software.

For more ideas on how to participate in the upcoming “I Love Free Software Day 2024: Forging the future with Free Software”, here are some suggestions:

The “I Love Free Software Day” is an important tradition for the Free Software community. The more that people participate in this day, the more we can show how important Free Software contributors and developers are to our society. Take a few moments on Wednesday, 14 February, to show your love for Free Software!

And, please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any more information or any help!