Graphics & Artwork

Sponsoring Buttons

In order to give the FSFE donors the possibility to publicly announce their contribution, the FSFE provides sponsoring buttons.

vector format: [svg]

vector format: [svg]

Terms of usage

The Logo of the FSFE must never be used in a way that could be understood as endorsing certain activities, home pages, products or entities without prior consent of the FSFE. Please contact <> if you wish to know whether your intended usage is suitable and whether you can use it in a certain context.

As an example, if you're organising an event where one of the speakers is representing the FSFE, you may not use the FSFE Logo in a way that makes it seem as if the FSFE is endorsing the event. You may, however, show the FSFE Logo in connection with the speaker, to clearly show the affiliation of the speaker.