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♥ I Love Free Software Day: Let’s Meet and Connect!


Every February 14 the Free Software community around the world comes together to celebrate the “I Love Free Software Day”. On this special day we show our gratitude for every Free Software contributor. Join us in celebrating our love for Free Software and thank all the supporters of software freedom.

I love Free Software Day

At the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE) we want to acknowledge and celebrate the work done on Free Software throughout the year. There are different kinds of free software projects around the world, but we all share our belief in software freedom and its four freedoms to: use, study, share, and improve. To highlight the important role of the developers and supporters in software freedom, we celebrate the “I Love Free Software Day” every February 14.

On Tuesday, 14 February 2023, reach out to the individuals behind the software you use, and let them know that you appreciate their support and hard work for Free Software. Most contributors spend countless hours on Free Software projects, often without getting paid or receiving enough recognition for their work. Tell them a simple, but powerful, "Thank you!” “I Love Free Software Day” has taken place for years now, forming a lovely community tradition. Join us! Pick your favorite way to participate. Here are four fun options.

Meet up in your city

Organize a local get-together with your colleagues, friends or family to celebrate and recognize the work of the contributors of Free Software. Of course, you can also reach out to your nearest local group for a meetup. Order for free some ilovefs balloons! After a long break of events, it’s a perfect way to connect and celebrate your favorite Free Software projects. Check out ideas and inspirations. Take pictures and share them on social media with #ilovefs. We strongly encourage that this event should be on February 14, 2023 (if not, on a nearby date).

Make a share-pic

Send a thank you message to your favorite Free Software project for their valuable work! You can include #ilovefs in your message on social media of your choice. Remember that an image says more that just words: create your own pictures with our SharePic Generator! In less than two minutes you will get a cool illustration ready to be shared. Let your imagination run free and show your appreciation for Free Software with a #ilovefs image.

Create a video of yourself saying “Thank You!”

For a more personal touch, record a short thank you message on the phone, in a video. Pick your favorite Free Software project and let them know that their work means a lot to you, helping you work or relax. Do not forget to add the hashtag #ilovefs when sharing your message through any social media channel.

Send a postcard to your loved ones

Order for free our ‘I love Free Software, but I love you more’ postcard and get all romantic with the people you love. Order the postcard as soon as possible to get it on time. Share a picture of the postcard next to a sweet present.


A small gesture that means a lot. Make a Free Software contributor happy today. Read other people’s messages and enjoy the vibrant and positive side of our Free Software community. You can also mention us on your social media post so we can see how you are celebrating this day. We are on Mastodon, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Happy I Love Free Software Day ♥ everyone!