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"I Love Free Software Day" 2023: Meet & Connect


On the 14th of February Free Software enthusiasts celebrated the 13th edition of the “I ❤️ Free Software Day”! Hundreds of people and numerous organisations shared their love for Free Software and reached out to the ones behind these projects. Thank you for taking part in the celebration of our favourite type of software: Free Software.

For this years’ celebration of “I Love Free Software Day”, the Free Software Foundation Europe has organised several meetups and events all across Europe. The FSFE local groups in Spain, England, Portugal, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland have taken up the call of the FSFE to get together and celebrate their love for software freedom in person. Even Free Software contributors from outside the FSFE have joined the call and organised a meeting, like the one in Austria and Barcelona.

'Thank you' postcard, a group picture of the event in Madrid, DJ Tasmo and people at the C-Base in Berlin, and a group picture of the people attending the event in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Celebrating "I Love Free Software Day" in Madrid (Spain), Berlin (Germany), and Thessaloniki (Greece)

Apart from the visible presence on Twitter and in the Fediverse, the FSFE has also said thank you, in a more old-school way, to numerous projects with our newly designed postcards.

A picture of the thank you postcards sent by the FSFE to Free Software projects
Thank you postcards sent by the FSFE to Free Software projects

This activity has been well received and it was awesome to see how much joy a thank you can spread. The Free Software project DAVx⁵, who was among the recipients of the postcards, shared their happiness about the postcards in the Fediverse and thanked the FSFE for such a kind gesture.

The Free Software project DAVx⁵ says thank you for the lovely postcards sent by the FSFE via mastodon

Those are just some of the actions that took place for this years “I Love Free Software Day”. For all of you who want to continue sharing your their love for Free Software take a look at our share-pic generator or watch the new thank you messages on our Peertube-instance.

Amandine “Cryptie” Jambert saying thank you to nextcloud and DAVx⁵

There are many more thank you messages and blogposts out there highlighting the work of Free Software contributors. It is touching to see so many people, companies and organisations joining us for this special day and reaching out to the people who work for software freedom. For the longer read we recommend reading the full "I Love Free Software Day: Meet & Connect" report.

Thank you for joining this years “I Love Free Software” celebrations ❤️ ❤️ ❤️