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FSFE Newsletter November 2019

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This month, we present our Portuguese friends from ANSOL and their success story on solving the problems DRM creates in their country and gives tips on how you can take similar actions in your country. Episode 2 of the FSFE's Software Freedom Podcast is out and we dedicate it to the KDE Community and the transformations and updates they are currently undertaking. You can discover upcoming events and interesting stories with visuals from the events where our community promoted Free Software across Europe. We offer a sneak peak into this year's FSFE Annual Community Meeting in Bolzano, Italy before the official report. In the Get Active section, we ask for your help with the new "Public Money? Public Code!" initiative. We need more municipalities and public sector bodies to embrace the principles and become part of the signatories.

How DRM was fixed in Portugal

DRM technologies restrict individuals from doing things with their media that are otherwise perfectly legal. For example we might not be able to put together a mix of music files we bought legally or to lend an e-book to a friend. Even backups can be restricted. Following up with the Day against DRM, in November we published a guest article by our friends from the Portuguese Association for Free Software (ANSOL), Paula Simões and Marcos Marado. Together with the Portuguese Association for Free Education (AEL) they were working towards resolving the DRM policies in Portugal for 15 years. They finally accomplished the solution they sought and in their article they shared with you the insights of that success. ANSOL and AEL have been able to show policy makers what was wrong with DRM and how its implementation hinders citizens and other actors from exercising their rights and take advantage of the legally foreseen copyright exceptions. Their story may inspire you to do the same in your country or simply learn insights on how policy-making can be influenced for the better.

Podcast Episode 2 - A closer look at the KDE community with Lydia Pintscher

The November episode of the newly launched Software Freedom Podcast is dedicated to the international Free Software Community KDE. At the FSFE we have some history of working together with KDE, whereof one of the biggest projects was the Fiduciary License Agreement (FLA), a topic that we also discuss in this Podcast. Our guest Lydia Pintscher is KDE's Vice President, and in this episode she shares how the KDE community developed and changed throughout time and how their team managed solving some of the most pressing social and generational challenges the KDE community is facing.

In addition, Lydia Pintscher talks about KDE's priorities. For example, their work on making their applications more consistent, so they run smoothly on your machines. Listen to the second Episode of the Software Freedom Podcast to learn how KDE sees their involvement with relation to Android and the mobile area. You will also hear how KDE places themselves in terms of technological sustainability or scenarios where the connected device is no longer a phone, tablet or desktop.

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As with every month, we are trying to spread the word and help individuals and organisations understand what Free Software is and how Free Software contributes to freedom, transparency, and self-determination. If you are interested in seeing us in action and to join our cause, keep in mind the following dates and locations in the coming weeks:

What have we done? Inside and Outside the FSFE

Since the last newsletter we have been active in promoting the Free Software cause by helping individuals and organisations have a better understanding of what Free Software is and encouraging them to develop and implement it in their lives. We want to share with you the events we have photos, videos or other recordings below:

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Get Active

The "Public Money? Public Code!" campaign launched an initiative looking for more publicly funded bodies (administrations, schools, hospitals and etc) to sign our open letter. This month, we kindly ask you to join the cause by sending emails and letters to mayors, municipalities, or any other head of administrations across cities in your country. You can use the example letter as a template, calling public sector administrations to sign in the campaign.

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