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CRA & IEA +++ SFP episode +++ Summer Meeting


Our August issue comes with the latest updates of the CRA and the IAE, a new episode of our Software Freedom podcast exploring Software Freedom in EU policy, and the announcement of our symposium about decentralised social networks. YH4F participants -and we too- are waiting for the jury feedback on their projects.

Picture collage with an image of a people attending the Summer    Meeting posing on some stairs with a building behind, a image of a    photocall poster with the words EU parliament in different languages    and an image with the words Sofware Freedom Podcast

SFP#21 - Software Freedom Podcast

In this episode Bonnie Mehring talks with Lina Ceballos about EU policy topics and Software Freedom. Get a deep understanding of the Interoperable European Act and listen to Lina explain why Free Software should be considered and safeguarded in such EU legislation.

Listen to the latest episode

Cyber Resilience Act & Free Software: Parliament waters down its own position

The European Parliament voted last month on its position on the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA). While the position improves on the Commission's exemption to protect Free Software, it fails to introduce a proper protection. We call on the institutions to put the burden of liability only on those who significantly financially benefit from the market, while protecting developers and non-profit work.

EU Parliament intends to widen participation in the Interoperable Europe Board

In July the EU Parliament’s Committee responsible for the Interoperable Europe Act adopted its final position. It is a step forward towards a more inclusive Interoperable Europe Board while it introduces clearer indicators and statistics to monitor the progress of the Act. This position must now be upheld during the upcoming trilogue.

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EU Parliament photocall with the EU Parliament word in different EU languages

YH4F: Coding is over!

The second edition of Youth Hacking 4 Freedom, the hacking competition for young Europeans, has just ended. For the last six months, the participants have worked on developing their own personal Free Software projects. It is now the turn of the YH4F jury to evaluate the participants’ submitted projects, taking into consideration different criteria such as the originality of the idea, the creativity of the project, and the quality of the code.

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"The world after Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. A new generation of the Internet?"

More and more people are turning away from social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube to alternatives like Mastodon and PeerTube. Why are they different? How are they changing the web? And how can you get involved in the Fediverse? Join our symposium and get an insight into these decentralised social networks through our talks and workshops!

Join us in Cologne on September 22

Summer Meeting, FrOSCon, and CCC 2023

On July 7-9 FSFE volunteers and staffers met at Linux Hotel, in Essen. From Friday evening until Sunday afternoon, we spent time together discussing our current activities, acquiring new knowledge about Free Software topics, engaging in fruitful conversations, and of course having a lot of fun together.

Picture collage with diverse images from the Summer Meeting, showing people having fun, eating and attending the talks

At the beginning of this month, we will be in FrOSCon with a talk, a reading of 'Ada & Zangemann', and a booth. Join us if you are in the area!

After that, we will be camping in the Chaos Communication Camp 2023! We cannot wait to meet you, once again in person, at the 'Bits & Bäume' village from 15th to 19th August 2023.

And of course, check out our website to be up to date with all our events!

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"Introduce readers young and old to the power and peril of software. Behind it all is a backdrop of ethics of knowledge sharing upon which the arc of human history rides." - Vint Cerf, computer scientist and one of the inventors of the Internet, talking about the book 'Ada & Zangemann'

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