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JavaScript licences for fsfe.org

All Javascript code used in this website is Free Software. The table below displays script files, their sources and licences, where it is not available in the script files themselves.

This site is compatible with the GNU LibreJS project.

Script License Source
scripts/modernizr.custom.65251.js Expat BSD Modernizr 2.7.1
scripts/jquery.cycle2.min.js Expat GPL-2.0 Cycle 2.0.2
scripts/bootstrap-3.0.3.custom.js Apache-2.0 Bootstrap 3.0.3
scripts/placeholder.js Expat Placeholder
scripts/jquery-3.3.1.min.js Expat jQuery 3.3.1
scripts/filter-teams.js GPL-3.0-or-later Filter Teams

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